Accessing the Infinite Power Within You by Lani Reagan

Be assured that your power doesn’t need to drain away from you, in the face of stressing circumstances, if you take the suggested steps to master your energy and mindset and practice regularly, your chakras will thank you; your mind will clear; and your body will feel more ready for the next adventure.

“Calm is power.”
~David Gekandi

From being cut off on the highway, to having someone cut in line in front of you, to dealing with family drama over the holidays, the situations we encounter that can trigger us into stress mode draining our power away, are innumerable. How often does your body experience a cortisol overload? Cortisol is the stress hormone your adrenals release every time you have a triggered reaction to an untimely event or an uncomfortable emotion. It’s the body’s way of moving to keep us safe in the face of danger, so that we can either run or fight. It’s easy to see all the things we have collectively and individually to stress out about, but when your energy is in stress mode, your power drains away from you.

It’s a common mistake to believe that reclaiming our power comes from getting angry, or getting upset, but if you have too much cortisol in your system, your power is literally draining away, as the adrenals will become overtaxed and burned out. It’s called adrenal burnout and it can cause a host of other symptoms related to low energy in the body, low vitality, even weight gain. Energetically, your power to easily & graciously handle situations decreases, leveraging you to create even more struggles. So how do you reclaim your power or stop the cortisol dumps into your bloodstream so that your holiday can be more peace-filled ?

Calm is where you access your  intuitive energy

Being reactive, either internally or externally is part of the human tendency, but it isn’t necessarily a healthy one. I believe part of what we’re here to learn is about navigating through all the thoughts and emotions swimming through our minds and nervous systems, so that we can process the needed information while practicing to maintain our calm; to practice accessing our power through the calm still voice within, instead of using force, or reactivity to handle the daily stressors. Equanimity is the basis for the clearest degree of perspective. Maintaining calm provides you with the added advantage of drawing on your intuitive energy and insight to transcend any obstacle in your way. 

This is made challenging because the body becomes addicted to the cortisol surges and will resist changing habits or establishing new patterns if you force them on yourself. On top of that the triggers that happen during a family gathering can potentially put you off center. Ever have someone respond to your stressing and venting with the word’s, ‘Just breathe’? It’s annoying to say the least. If you cannot experience a space of allowance from a listener or from yourself, you’ll just keep wanting to indulge in the cortisol spikes and may even look for things to stress out about! With family members it’s all too easy to let the cortisol flow, but your calm would render you less empowered than previously so I suggest a different approach. 

For everything you have to stress out about, I challenge you to find 3 things you are grateful for. Gratitude changes the frequency instantly. If you are addicted to cortisol in the form of stressful reactivity, then a gratitude practice is the first step in slowing down the negative path of the train of your thoughts, without triggering a resistant response. Taking the time to write it all down amps up the impact, so grab a journal and commit to a practice that will help you reduce your stress and reclaim your power with each stroke of the pen. Of course in the heat of an incident, you won’t have time to write, but you can immediately take the practice up in your mind. 

On the spot breathing is very powerful

The solar plexus chakra (chakra of self-care & personal self regard) usually holds the bulk of our stress energy. Taking daily steps to unload some of that energy can help your container for holding space for stressful situations, to widen and deepen. I recommend a daily breathing practice. Conscious breathing is under rated for the amount of benefits it provides.

It lowers your heart rate, lowers your blood pressure, improves the respiratory system, calms the nervous system, detoxifies and strengthens the immune system, releases muscle tension & increases energy, among other things. Inhaling for a count of 6 and holding for a count of 3, then exhaling for a count of 6 and holding for a count of 3, is one cycle. If you practice 5-7 cycles a few times during the day, your solar plexus chakra will release toxic stress energy, and help you to stand in your power with equanimity in the face of stress.

What are you over-attached to?

Thirdly, effort to come from the place of who you Truly Are. If you are too attached to your storylines and too attached to being your roles instead of coming from realizing yourself as the Being Of Love, Light & Power that your true nature really is, you’re cutting yourself off from the most important asset you have access to. If you cannot tell when you are too overly identified with your storylines, or too attached to your roles, you’ll want to check out The 5 Levels of Attachment by Don Miguel Ruiz. It’ll help you to develop the habit of watching your thoughts and examining what intensity of attachment your psyche is operating from that’s causing your cortisol overload.

Reclaiming one’s inner power through finding inner calm is a topic I’m passionate about since I had to work hard at that after leaving the cult organization I was raised in. The main things that helped me reclaim my power and get off of the cortisol addictive way of thinking, were these 3 components, but without this last one, I wouldn’t have moved through it as fast as I did, or been leveraged to manifest all the things I’d wanted to enjoy in my life but was denied.  

Mercy Speeds Progress

Forgiveness is an underrated practice that we often resist. I suggest to clients to forgive themselves first for believing any unkind things about themselves and the world before the move to forgive others. I had to forgive myself for judging others while I was in the cult; for believing that God would disown me if I left; for imposing my own beliefs on others when I was actively engaged; for letting myself stay longer than I needed to, because I didn’t want to lose my standing or family in the process of owning who I was becoming. 

Having mercy with myself made all the difference and it allowed me to be forgiving of others while being more gracious and kind; to have empathy in a way that made me better at what I was doing, and at understanding others. The exercising of forgiveness wasn’t always easy, but the special energy healing techniques I practiced moved the energy along regardless of what degree of sincerity I was particularly feeling. If you need help with this last one, you can contact me at and I’m happy to send you a link to the exercise that I still use today. 

Be assured that your power doesn’t need to drain away from you, in the face of stressing circumstances, if you take the suggested steps to master your energy and mindset and practice regularly, your chakras will thank you; your mind will clear; and your body will feel more ready for the next adventure.

To your health, wealth & happiness!

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