Are you Claiming Your Spiritual Sovereignty?

"When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves." 
~Viktor Frankl

Spiritual sovereignty is beyond the issue of religious choice. It’s scope is much wider and deeper than that and it concerns the personal liberation that takes place within, no matter what religion, age or race. It’s a liberation that manifests as a freeness of knowing who you truly are: a being of LOVE, LIGHT & POWER.

Until we claim our spiritual sovereignty, we are likely to get caught up in the judgmental mindsets that accompany intense and uncomfortable emotions and look for ways to control, in an attempt to solve the stress. We’ve all had instances, where we’ve failed to claim our spiritual sovereignty, and chosen to judge and control or chosen to feel controlled and then judge, or react in aggressive or less than kind ways. Some of us came from cultures that were based on rules that cultivated a narrow mindset. I was raised as a Jehovah’s Witness and bought into that whole dynamic for years before understanding what it meant to claim my spiritual sovereignty. I learned it was a matter of choosing to honor the law of love within me, and its practice would lead to my sovereignty. 

With increased chaos in our worlds (wear a mask or not; get a vaccine or not; support this candidate or that) it's easy to move into reactivity. Especially if we were raised in a culture and with people who thrive on that. The sense of being controlled or manipulated can leave one feeling disempowered and triggered into an aggressively charged reactive state and cause us to forget to claim our spiritual sovereignty. Sometimes we can forget so much that our actions turn into an activism that actually requires the thing that we are fighting against, to exist. A controlling, aggressive approach that comes when we forget that spiritual sovereignty is the way to truly own our power, will actually undermine our connection to Source and take us out of our center.

When we remember to claim our spiritual sovereignty, we can move our energies into another state of consciousness that remains untouched by triggered energies of the lower will or external forces. We can move our energies into the room of consciousness of spiritual sovereignty and as Frankl wrote; “we become challenged to change ourselves” when the external situation doesn’t appear to be changeable. 

He was referring to our spiritual sovereignty. An example of this is when my family began cutting me from family gatherings and began limiting their contact with me. I could have easily become angry and reacted aggressively, since it’s painful to experience your family rejecting you. But I could see clearly that the choice was about choosing to love beyond the sting of their behavior and beyond my own triggers of wanting to judge and hurt them back. 

Spiritual sovereignty doesn’t mean being all love and no action or intelligent evaluation. Rather, it’s the inner choice available to all of us, to choose to know ourselves and to know all others from the space of our Higher Selves, so that we remain unaffected by the long list of stress factors popping up in our lives. 

1. Ask yourself important questions when you notice a trigger, as a way to claim your spiritual sovereignty.

In the case of my family, I had to let myself be curious instead of simmering in anger or frustration. I asked; “What exactly is bothering me about this?”;  What need do I feel I'm not getting met at this moment? How is this teaching me to lean more into my spiritual practice, so that I do not become what they are?

Any inner dialogue you hear as answers, that has to do with the other person, isn’t the real path to solid answers; it’ll take you further away from your spiritual sovereignty. The answers that came from asking questions pertaining to me and my feelings and why I may have reacted or felt uneasy, lightened up my mindspace and let me feel more at ease in my own consciousness. I realized they didn’t have a bandwidth for living in peace with another’s differing opinions and that they themselves lived by a creed diametrically opposed to spiritual sovereignty, and all of that had little to do with me. 

2. Determine what painful feelings you’re having and find out what thoughts are connected to those feelings, even as you commit to letting go.

For example, I had to ask myself what I thought I would get if I got embroiled in discussing the issues (arguing) with them, knowing an egoic way of reacting wouldn’t get me the outcomes I’d be happy with. I had to get to a state of knowing what emotional need my psyche was trying to get met.

When I discovered and accepted my feelings of rejection, abandonment and insecurity, it made me available to ask the next set of questions, because I became aware of a need to feel heard, seen and valued. The dismissive way I experienced them denying interaction with me, left me with a ton of mind noise that blurred my ability to claim my own sovereignty.

Once I could accept my feelings and understand the nature of what my mind-noise was saying about how I felt about myself (unheard, unseen, ignored) I could practice to validate my feelings and learn to release the negative energies keeping me in that charged dynamic. Thus I was empowered to turn my attention to myself, and to stop draining my energy into the dysfunctional dynamic and stop holding that energy in motion within me. You can do the same through journaling or in reflective meditation. .

3. Relating differently to any uncomfortable feelings, can help shift you into your sovereignty.

The thing that all of our wounds are looking for is the acknowledgement and experience of feeling understood and heard. There’s nothing less life affirming than feeling ignored or being ignored. Research has long shown us that even babies tend to thrive less healthfully if they are denied attention. So how do the hurt parts of ourselves get to feel heard? You have to create time and space to relate to those parts of yourself that have been holding onto old time space events and practice forgiving Self for believing the lies that have accompanied the feelings. It’s ok to talk to yourself. Lol, I do it frequently. When you share that you understand how a part of yourself has been making the feelings more real by assigning thoughts to them (feeling rejected becomes “I’m rejectable” among other thoughts), and that your consciousness has been embodying those thoughts and feelings as more true than who, of who you really ARE, the wound will find some movement and flow. You’ll hear a still small voice ask, “So you mean I no longer have to believe that about my Self?”; “You mean I can stop believing this lie?” and you’ll feel the spaciousness that is a hallmark of spiritual sovereignty begin to arise within you.

It’s not always an easy process especially when we can be given to experiencing many triggers during the course of our days, but claiming it brings on a certain peace and inner mastery that is all together liberating up-levelling. You’ll feel more empowered and unlimited for all the work it takes to achieve and claim it, but so will the Universe deliver to you the fruits of such freedom, which is love, joy, peace, mildness, modesty, abundance & prosperity. If you need a little help along the way, book a zoom call reading with me so we can help you to claim your spiritual sovereignty over any current challenge you may be facing. 

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