Illuminate Your Relationship with Others and Yourself | New Moon & Mars in Libra, Venus In Scorpio

‍"In Scorpio, Venus shines her golden gleam into the dimmest parts of us, sees our lost beauty, and loves our pain. Venus in the sign of the Scorpion gazes into the gray mist, and spies our own preciousness, our radiant self."~Joy Vernon

"In Scorpio, Venus shines her golden gleam into the dimmest parts of us, sees our lost beauty, and loves our pain. Venus in the sign of the Scorpion gazes into the gray mist, and peeping beyond vipers and dragons she spies our own preciousness, our radiant self."
~Joy Vernon -

“With Mars in Libra…the Tower’s lightening striking Justice’s throne, definitions of what’s right or wrong become less clear. Mental paradigms begin to shift…Out of the chaos a new balance will emerge. It might not be what you expected, but it will be just right.”

“A New Moon in Libra will gently nudge you to hit the emotional reset button and start over so that you can look to the horizon with renewed anticipation.”

Be Open to Libra's Balancing Influence

Libra, in the guise of the Justice card, is the balance finder, the peace maker, the one who takes stock, looking for the blessings in the timeline that is our life so far, especially where it might feel as if there were no blessings possible. What if there was, what blessing could there possibly be in the midst of that painful situation we have worked so hard to put behind us? What is it about life that creates pearls out of little bits of grit stuck in our craw? And why do we work so hard to try to ignore and put the past behind us, imagining ourselves as healed, or “grown up” and so no longer needing to feel quite so deeply or express so readily?

Well, Mars, in the guise of the Tower is going to help us out as he comes together with the new moon in Libra at the 13th degree, by bursting our bubble! According to Dane Rudhyar in An Astrological Mandala, this degree represents: “Children Blowing Soap Bubbles”…The cultural fantasies through which young minds dream of fulfillment…imagination and…fantasy in a collective setup…Rituals…are both sacred ceremonies and plaything…operas for the social elite, or baseball games for the crowds. Some [humans] work hard at acquiring knowledge and providing society with…warmth and lighted palaces; others play at imagining themselves perfect spheres of multicolored radiance-soap bubbles so soon proven evanescent!” 

Mars, as The Tower is the unconscious part of us refusing to stay hidden, and in fact coming out full force! In Libra it is tempered, directed; blowing out what is out of balance so that we can come back into balance. Even though its sometimes hard to take, tower moments bring incredible relief because they are something we have longed for, opening the grip our mind has held so tight out of fear; this letting go is such a blessing - an emotional release.

Draw Strength from the Multiple Meanings of Venus in Scorpio

Venus in Scorpio, as the 7 of cups, reveals to us the ways we have been avoiding and numbing our emotional pain in order to pretend it is not there. There are at least as many ways to do this, as there are 12-step groups; I even watched a friend use his 12-step program service to avoid the feelings that were coming up for him. And yet, eventually we all get to it, we can’t avoid it, life brings it to us in some beautiful or terrible way. And at some point we become incredibly grateful that we are no longer able to hide from ourselves.

"Venus descends in Scorpio, but she does not lose her way. When in her role as morning star, as she is now, her Latin name is Lucifer, light-bringer. Psychoanalyst Carl Jung proposed the concept of the shadow, the rejected parts of us that we must learn to recognize and integrate for personal wholeness…She leads us into the depths, but we must choose: refuse or reclaim. Taking what she inspires us to value, we find our own way up and out.” ~ Joy Vernon

Another aspect of Venus in Scorpio is represented as the Empress dressed as Death; both cards in the sun and moon tarot deck represent powerful birthing and release. The Empress as the divine feminine aspect of surrender and letting go, the light at the end of the tunnel and Death as the phoenix rising and transforming from the ashes. 

As the new moon release is powerfully catalyzed by Mars, both steeped in the balance finding energies of Libra and joined by retrograde Mercury to for an insightful recap conversation, Venus reaches over from Scorpio, holds us gently and helps us to look with deep compassion and self love, at what has been holding us back. And it’s exactly what we have been looking for all this time, all we had to do was feel it and let it break us open to the deep love waiting (and building up) in the ever-flowing wellspring of our own heart!

“Venus in Scorpio is a time to see the beauty in change…
to let yourself celebrate what’s passing and nurture what’s about to grow."

What is being blown open and revealed for you and asking for attention, honor and love?  As for myself, I’m releasing an old pattern along with a recently re-appeared ephemeral lover. In honoring and loving me in this way, ensuring that my need for emotional and intellectual connection is considered along with my physical need for affection, I am finding what I’ve always searched for: the path to wholeness in and of myself. And I’m discovering unconditional self-love. In this fresh start with this relationship with myself, I believe I am also beginning anew; it is one and the same. 

May your own journey take you wherever you need to go, in whichever way, and may you find even more unconditional love for yourself and others along the way!

“…the Libra New Moon…finding ways to reestablish balance that has been lost… discover the peaceful neutral point from which clarity, common sense, and cooperation come from…helps us see both sides of any story. This may…be the time when you initiate a new relationship, or get a fresh start in an ongoing one."
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