Balancing The Sacred Feminine & Masculine Breeds Success

As we balance out the sacred male and sacred female energies, expressing them in a balanced way, we’ll expand our potential for personal expression and creative manifestation. We’ll engage more options to solve our sufferings, heal emotional pain and re-calibrate our relationships. How is this so and what steps can we take to practice coming into balance?

“I guess I identify more with women rather than men. I guess I have a strong feminine side.”
~Lenny Kravitz

I always felt like a feminist from the time I can remember being a little girl and seeing abortion rights being discussed in the news. I was 5yrs old when Roe v Wade passed. I grew up feeling more respected as a woman than my mother’s generation, but I was trained by society to have my masculine energy in motion more often than my feminine energy.

History, through the ages has left us with a system that’s emerged from a disproportionate and distorted masculine energy which has, in it’s distorted form, categorically, systemically & socially tried to erase, diminish and control the feminine energy, wreaking havoc on untold numbers of individual women and on society, as a whole. The two world wars plus other warring conflicts engaged in and initiated by the male patriarchy (or masculine energy), has already proved that point. 

Thankfully, we are living in a time where the feminine is on the rise and each of us, man and woman, are being called to embody the feminine; to balance our male and female energies. Why give attention to these energies which are activated within us? Because as we balance out the sacred male and sacred female energies expressing them in a balanced way, we’ll expand our potential for personal expression and creative manifestation. We’ll engage more options to solve our sufferings, heal emotional pain and re-calibrate our relationships. How is this so and what steps can we take to practice coming into balance?

How to Embrace Both The Masculine & Feminine

The secret is in accessing the energy in the heart chakra. I love Lenny Kravitz’s quote because he unapologetically owns that he identifies more with his feminine energy, which doesn’t mean he is gay, or effeminate. It means he is identified with his heart chakra, coming from a place of love, caringness & acceptance which breeds connection and engagement instead of competition and separation.

He is part of an emerging population that’s embracing the feminine within, instead of ignoring it, diminishing it, trying to control it, erase it or make it wrong. All of this a man has been taught to do to himself, within himself, around his feelings and emotions, as Justin Baldoni’s book, “Man Enough: Undefining My Masculinity” explains in depth. Distorted male energy expresses as repressing human emotions (other than anger, aggression or blame); being severe with self and others; acting with dominance to solve a problem instead of trying to understand all the factors. Both women and men express their male energy in these ways, because of lack of activation and regulation of the heart chakra. 

Ways to Access Heart Chakra Energy for Balance


Kravitz, is known for having a great relationship with Jason Momoa, Lenny’s ex-wife’s current husband and stepfather to Lenny’s daughter Zoe. From (Oct 2020) “People can’t believe how tight Jason and I are, or how tight I still am with Zoë’s mom, how we all relate,” the singer told Men’s Health in its November 2020 issue. “We just do it because that’s what you do. You let love rule, right? I mean, obviously, after a breakup, it’s work — it takes some work and time, healing and reflection.”

Lenny is a great example of heart chakra energy in action. Though many do not understand how Kravitz can be so open and accepting, he referred to the heart chakra energy, when he said, “You let LOVE rule, right?”. I have a feeling that he’s giving us a chance to agree with him, because who wants to disagree with LOVE?

So how do you let love rule when you want to be aggressive, controlling, dominating or authoritarian? 

  1. The key is to focus on the center of your chest where the heart chakra is located. Close your eyes and bring your awareness to the chest area and begin to breathe with easy, slow diaphragmatic breaths, while either visualizing a beautiful ball of pink light or a pink rose and/or telling your heart words of appreciation. Do this for at least 5 full breathing cycles.

  1. Let yourself recite the words, “I’m sorry. Forgive me. Thank you. I love you”, while focusing on your heart chakra. You are reciting these words to yourself for any and all times you’ve repressed your emotions; been severe with yourself or others; ignored your intuition; or used dominance or forcefulness with yourself and others resulting in cruel or injurious words or actions. Unless you can let yourself feel the gift of mercy, then your grasping onto the masculine energy will persist costing you the benefit of all the feminine energy within you, has to bring you. 

  1. Embrace your feminine energy by widening your focus to include your Heart Chakra, Ajna chakra (between your eyebrows) and your Crown chakra (at the top of your head). Breathe 3 or 4 breaths into those three points simultaneously, while affirming the words “Compassion, allowance, loving- kindness, mutuality.” If you can also remember “patience, understanding & tenderness”, include those words too. Everyone of us deserves compassion, allowance, loving-kindness, understanding and tenderness, but it’s easy to forget that we need these and deserve them. So claiming them with the breath and your words will activate the feminine energy within you and make you more available to experience love, connection, and acceptance.

How Does The Feminine Energy Heal Relationships?

Because the essence of the feminine energy is loving, allowing and accepting in nature, the cultivation of it in the active practice of those qualities, provides for connecting instead of separation; provides for the process of having new conversations with yourself and with others around your personal hurts or sufferings. This is “the work” that Kravitz described, as a part of ‘letting Love rule’. 

“Work” means, it can feel intimidating and scary to relate with your feminine energy if you’ve been trained & habituated to accessing and using your masculine energy to manage your life and relationships, or if you ascribe accessing the feminine within, to mean you are less of a man or equate it to being gay. Doing “the work” means practicing to sit in non=judgmental observance of any discomfort, without resorting to the masculine tendency to dominate, blame, or avoid. 

Men and boys need love, care, acceptance & allowingness as much as women do. If you are a man, to negate your feminine energy by equivocating it as a representation of your sexual preference, is to confuse your feminine aspect with sexuality, which is a huge misconception. The feminine aspect is a larger concept than sexuality. When you let your feminine energy which is receptive in nature become activated within your body, and your life, you open yourself up to the allowance and love you deserve and desire. 

The same goes for women who are habituated to operating in the masculine more often than the feminine. The “work” means it’s a process and you can start today, to notice and commit to diving more into your personal exploration. It’s a vast subject, we can’t possibly cover in one article, but when you practice the simple beginning steps I shared, you are poised for welcoming in more of what you are engaging, by nature of your attention. 

If you’d like more information on how the feminine energy can help you heal your life, book a reading with me in the Paradise Found Online Portal or reach out to me via email. I’m always happy to recommend further reading and direct you to more resources. 

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