Connecting to the Sacred Within for Anti-aging 

One of the most potent ways of connecting to the sacred within you is to increase your body’s ability to hold pranic life force and maintain it in the body. The longer your cells can hold on to chi or prana, the more resilient and activated they become. Summer is an ideal time to take advantage of this principle because the earth is teeming with life and vitality. Summer love happens easily because of this. Why not adopt some easy summer rituals that can leave you feeling and looking more refreshed and revitalized and maybe even a bit younger? Here are my ideal go-to’s, to anchor pranic life-force into the body and amp up your energy for health and anti-aging. 

#1- Breathing

Conscious breathing comes in all forms and affects states of consciousness ranging from the experience of quiet stillness to euphoric highs. A basic technique to use breathing to infuse the cells with more life force involves holding (or retaining) the breath for 3 or more seconds at the top of the inhale and the bottom of the exhale. The holds create more time and space for the cells to be infused with energy and to hold more energy. To amp up the impact, you can contract the pelvic floor muscles, the diaphragmatic muscle, and lock the throat area by bringing your chin down so that your neck is in alignment with your spine. Contract all these muscles on the inhale and continue the contraction while holding the breath. Then exhale and release the contraction. This set of horizontal muscle groups in the yogic tradition are called the bandhas or energy locks. Activating them in conjunction with the breath allows the body to pull in more chi and infuse them into cells. Another popular breathing pattern is taught by Wim Hoff who’s online mini class you can catch on YouTube. I have found it very effective in helping the body store and hold onto pranic energy resulting in more vitality and youthfulness. 

#2- The 5 Tibetan Yogic exercises

These are a combination of specific exercises that activate key chakras in your body and particularly in the brain area. Doing them activates these chakras helping your brain and endocrine system to be revitalized. When your endocrine system is revitalized this can have a balancing effect on the hormones, helping you to feel more alive, alert and energized. To maximize the timing I recommend that you do them after you generate a lot of spiritual energy from your meditation because it physicalizes the refined spiritual energy into your body’s cells, infusing your cells with more prana and equipping them to heal faster and regenerate more effectively.

#3- Simple squats in nature

The act of doing squats no matter how deep or short activates the rate of spin of the basic chakra located at your tailbone. When this activation rate increases, your basic chakra “exhales” used-up prana and takes in more clean prana, than normally. When you do these squats in nature, say near a tree or on the beach, your body literally pulls up earth prana giving your cells access to regenerative energy. I love doing squats in the morning during my face care routine, but I also do them when I’m out in nature, whether at the beach or a mountain hike. Make sure to contract your abdominals to support your spine and pelvis. To add to the impact you can visualize light sinking from your tailbone and feet deep into the ground and seeing it pull up earth energy in the color of golden light. 

Whatever summer rituals you decide to use to connect to the sacred within and cultivate youth and vitality, I am always here to bring you more information or answer your questions on summer love, faster healing, or life path inquiries. Wishing you each a lovely summer of health and happiness!

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