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We all have instances where the creative juices, or our personal verve in life, seemingly dries up or goes dormant. These junctures are often important transitions, where the Universe is poised to upgrade us into an expanded version of ourselves we’ve yet to discover.

 “Don't be pushed around by the fears in your mind. Be led by the dreams in your heart.”
~Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart

Have you been leading a life by design or a life led by stress? Has your energy grown stale or apathetic; or perhaps listless and unmotivated? We all have instances where the creative juices, or our personal verve in life, seemingly dries up or goes dormant. These junctures are often important transitions, where the Universe is poised to upgrade us into an expanded version of ourselves we’ve yet to discover. This is usually when people come to see me, wanting to have some guided information or a “hint” as to their soul’s journey or road map, and what they should do or move towards next.

If you’ve lived through one of these you might know what I’m talking about. I’ve lived through several of these transitional periods and I ended up noticing some patterns. Through my study, training and life practice, I became an expert at thriving through adversity; I’ve noticed what’s worked for me to get me back into the driver’s seat and headed in an upward momentum and what’s worked to help me thrive through the adversity that often characterizes transitions. Below are 3 things I practice regularly and assign as homework to my clients and students. See if you can incorporate these into your daily routine, especially if you feel a need to stop living a life-resigned to living your life by design. 

#1 Make Your Life Worry-Free

You must work at making your life worry-free. How can your passion for living a life by design come through your body and mind when you are in a state of tension? When we are worry-free, there’s more emotional and mental space to hold new states of consciousness where opportunities often and quite naturally, appear. Notice I didn’t say to completely remove stress factors, but merely to change how you are responding to stress factors so that the energy of worry doesn’t stick around, like a coat of paint. View it more as a passing cloud that lingers for a moment creating interesting scenes in the sky for you to notice and assess or enjoy. 

Of all the intuitive energy-work techniques there are, my most favorite and the simplest tool available and likely one of the most powerful and potent, is slow rhythmic breathing. While box breathing (inhaling for 4 and exhaling for 4 to reduce tension in the body) is popular, I teach inhaling for a count of 6 or 8 and holding for a count of 3 or 4. The ratio is holding for 50% of what the inhalation/exhalation is. 

This builds up a reserve-power-pack of energy (chi) for the body while detoxing your chakras and auric field (and thus your mind) of  congested energy and lower vibrational thoughts. There’s an additional distinction I teach in my 3 day webinar, entitled, “Unlocking the Door to Your Success: A Psycho-Spiritual Intuitive Healing Experience, that will increase your power even more, but for now, I invite you to practice. Simply notice any tension in your mind or body. Be lightly aware of it as you inhale into your lower rib cage area for a slow count of 6 and hold for a count of 3, then exhale completely for a count of 6, then hold at the bottom for 3.  This is one cycle of Rhythmic Power Breathing. 

Practice another 2 if you’d like to assess how your body is responding to letting go of tension. In a daily practice, you can perform 5-9 Rhythmic Power Breaths, 2-3 x’s a day and you’ll notice the worry energy draining away from you or at the very least softening to prepare to be disintegrated. You must breathe from the lower rib cage (abdomino-pelvic breathing) instead of from your upper chest (thoracic breathing) otherwise you’ll notice less benefit. 

I’d be surprised if you started this practice and didn’t draw in some opportunities within days of using it. Which works better for you; to set your alarm twice a day to remind you to breathe, or doing it everyday at the moment you wake up ( so you don’t forget)? Be determined in making your practice regular if you want to shift things up sooner than later. It’s all up to you, since you are in the driver's seat of this thing called Your Life.

#2 Taste & See

It’s tough to feel inspired and passionate when you are married to a routine or you’re so busy that you don’t even know what you like or what gives you pleasure. The second intuitive energy healing tool involves embracing a sense of wonder through being curious and acting to satisfy that curiosity with a flexible approach. To be curious you must let go of your belief that you are supposed to know everything. Let’s face it, does anybody really know everything? Of course not, so then you’re off the hook. How does it feel to let yourself off the hook? Is it available for you to know that you're in the perfect spot for your soul’s evolution? Is it ok for you to rest in experiencing the expansiveness of curiosity or the spaciousness it creates in your body-mind self? 

Since the unfamiliar can feel a bit uncomfortable, a key practice is to anchor your awareness in your heart chakra, by bringing your palms together, thumbs touching your chest. Then, while you take a few Rhythmic Power Breaths, hold the intention of forgiving the self for believing there’s anything to fear in the unknown. Simply affirm, while having your gentle awareness in the heart space:

“I forgive myself completely, deeply and permanently for believing I need to know everything.”
“I forgive myself for being severe with myself, when I discover and admit I don’t know something.”
“I embrace the wonder of curiosity and become ultra receptive to the answers that come my way as a result.”

Practice this daily until you feel easy in the face of being curious and not knowing. This leads us to step 3.

#3 Give For Free

Letting yourself be comfortable in the space of “not knowing” will feel unfamiliar if you’re used to expecting to know, but the spaciousness created by curiosity, frees you up to apply the third step. Since it’s in giving that we receive, resolve to give your gifts for free. That’s right, let yourself be of service in making someone else’s day better. As you sow abundantly, you are entitling yourself to receive  abundantly. Even setting an intention to help another will set an energetic flow in motion for your heart space to be filled and activated. According to Universal Law generosity is the seed to prosperity, so giving from the heart is foolproof.

There are 6 more steps to living a life from your heart with passion and purpose. DM me at for a pdf of those steps if you’re interested in learning more. 

While these are simple steps, the question is about consistency. How committed are you to building a practice living in harmony with natural law? Sometimes taking action can be the biggest block in getting started and if you can relate, then I’m here for you with a customized experience of moving your energy (resistances) to create momentum and movement, when you book a session with me through the online portal. It’s easy and conducted through a zoom video call for a deeper connected experience than a phone session. Whether we connect through the online-portal or cross paths on instagram, I’m wishing you every success in your journey!

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