Creativity: Living From the Level of Your Higher Soul

“The soul creates, the mind reacts.”
~Neal Donald Walsh

We’re all breathing a sigh of relief that 2020 is gone, but are the old patterns that make up and co-create our uncomfortable experiences truly put to rest? Living from the level of your Truest Nature or your Higher Soul is an art because as Neale Donald Walsch wrote above, the soul is creative. It’s the mind that is reactive. Re-acting out something” means repeating behavior from a past event or incident. If you are “re-acting out something” from a past event, you’re likely not responding to the present circumstances in a way that will create optimal outcomes. Putting to rest old patterns to welcome in new realities, depends on decreasing our rate of reactivity, and increasing our soul connection to ignite creative energy that fuels a soul-fulfilling lifestyle. 

How often do you tend to be reactive? Road rage is a form of reactivity. Thinking someone thinks ill of you simply because you perceived they gave you a funny look is reactive. Getting upset about standing in a long line is reactivity. It’s not that those things aren’t reasons to acknowledge discomfort that’s triggered by waiting or being cut off on the road, or being cast a strange look. A feeling is never wrong; it is just a feeling, however the mind noise and behavior birthed from that discomfort is the anatomy of a reaction.

A reaction is the fruit of a particular program or set of programs our operating systems have been running in our hardware (neurology or mainframe) manifesting externally as a habit(s). It runs it’s construct non-consciously behind the scenes of our conscious minds; in a sense underwriting the behavior of a particular reaction. It’s these programs (thought patterns amalgamated into our nervous systems) that take us away from the still, quiet, subtle & all-powerful creative force of Soul-energy. The programs are so subtle that sages and ancient texts have referred to the process of becoming aware of them as a ‘spiritual journey’ or ‘vision quest’. But, indeed, you do not have to be religious or even consider yourself spiritual to have the desire to gain awareness of the subtle programs behind one’s reactivity, since the soul’s need to express through being creative is universal to all of humanity. 

No matter what your age, gender, religion, or political association, we all have the desire to experience a fullness in life. This “fullness” is often thought to be achieved by money, material possessions, relationships, or any other number of things. Only recently are people becoming more aware that those things alone do not bring us the fullness we thirst for. 

No matter where 2020 put you on the gameboard of life, nothing is more potent than the power of the present moment and your present connection to your Higher Soul (True Nature). I believe your truest essence is the energy-with-consciousness that breathes itself through your body, mind and emotional make-up. You’re not your mind or thoughts; you’re not your emotions; nor are you just a body. Are you resolving to let 2021 be the year where you can rest more into that truth, so that every thought and action can be enriched with the creative aspect of Soul energy? When we connect to and channel that Source energy moving through us, in harmony with universal laws, our co-creations and our lives, take on a fresh new feel and perspective. 

Living Creatively instead of Reactively

If it’s the soul that creates, and the mind that reacts, how often do you experience yourself getting stuck in your mind stuff versus creating at the level of the soul? Over-attachment to our mind stuff, over attachment to our perspectives, often leads to reactivity and limits the degree to which soul energy (creative by its nature) can express through us.

I have found that building a creatively soul-fulfilled life is like learning how to play an instrument. In the beginning it can seem tedious; boring. Practicing scales or learning music may not be that entertaining at first, but very quickly, with regular practice, your neurology begins to become embedded with knowledge that moves your fingers onto the right key to produce the right sound. While you may start out playing simple tunes, the act of repetition, serves to program your neurology to a new way of being and acting that produces beautiful sounds. To produce something is to create. At a very rudimentary beginning level you can easily create by simply adhering to a regular practice. How does this apply to mind stuff and living a creatively soul-fulfilling life?

Realizing We Have Options

One way is to simply ignore the mind stuff and move into expressing creatively by pursuing that which interests us or inspires us. Often the act of just doing, with full focus, carries soul-energy through us, filling us with an invisible richness identified by the experience of knowing we are in harmony with all of life; experiencing a sense of being in the right place at the right time; feeling a sense of purpose and meaning. But, simply doing something we are passionate about, doesn’t always serve up such a result. Plus, in the hectic bustle of daily responsibilities, what we really are needing is the power of soul energy to express through us in our routine daily affairs. So the question is how do we bring such creative energy into our momentary lives? 

If we want to create and channel more soul-energy, we must train the body/mind to notice the degree of reactivity we tend to experience and instead of giving into it, practice acknowledging its presence without needing to feed it or repress it. It can be tedious like learning how to play music. But when you train to sit in stillness you’ll find the spaciousness required to notice when you have pain or tension in the body during any incident and to notice what your mind was focusing on that created that tension. Notice the inner dialog in your head; is it jaded, cynical, sarcastic or outright negative? Or is it severe, judging and shaming? Is it doubting, derisive or undermining? 

After noticing, the goal is to create a sense of spaciousness around the reactivity. In the space of a few breaths we can ask ourselves some key questions: 

  1. What’s the earliest time I can remember having this particular feeling or set of feelings?
  2. How would I have liked to experience that past incident?
  3. What did the part of me that experienced that incident make that event mean about me and the world at large?
  4. If I knew now what I didn’t know then, how would that change my choices of behaving?

The answering of these kinds of questions creates space for Soul energy to sweep through us and inspire us. It’s a process of self-inquiry that’s both creative and sacred work and you will very quickly be blessed with the reward of expansion into new parts of yourself that give you a deeper sense of being alive and connected. Mindfulness and meditation are a large part of the process, but the added tool of inner reflection will enhance and magnify your meditation sessions, I guarantee it!

If you’d like to learn more about living a soul-fufilling life and the different tools available to support your journey, simply contact me at Lani@DynamicHealingTherapies or connect with me at To your health, wealth & happiness!

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