Energetically Healing the Heart of America by Lani Reagan

“Transforming yourself is a means of giving light to the whole world.”

~Ramana Maharshi

Energetically Healing the Heart of America by Lani Reagan | Paradise Found Santa Barbara

The World needs healing, not just the United States of America. But this gives rise to the issues concerning the spiritual aspirant and involvement in politics, since the world of healing, especially energy-healing and the field of consciousness are usually exclusive of the conflicting nature of raw politics.By “raw politics”, I refer to the definition of the word that engages the idea of exerting power over others in the form of governance. However, in this article I am referring to Merriam-Webster’s 5th listing for the word ‘Politics’ as: “the total complex of relations between people living in society”, because the quality of relatedness determines how we heal as a nation.

Nonduality, spirituality...politics?!

What does ‘spirituality and politics’ have in common that ‘religion and politics’ do not?Set in a framework of duality and separation, ‘religion & politics’ (and separately as ‘religion’ or ‘politics’) require us to buy into a “me against you” mindset; an oppositional field of consciousness, that itself depends on conflict, division & suffering.Adherence to either (or both) religion and a political side only adds to one’s experience of duality and conflict, making the solutions to suffering appear to be dependent solely on externals.The world of “religion and politics” is the domain of the ego self and in it, there’s very little opportunity for us to experience the Liberated Self, that’s at the very essence of who we each truly are and is the key (our personal experience of that state) to world peace. Are you finding yourself stuck in this arena of divisiveness?

Unifying our experiences of self and community

Energetically Healing the Heart of America by Lani Reagan | Paradise Found Santa Barbara

Spirituality and wisdom-politics however enjoin us in a unifying space. Spirituality means resting in and experiencing the stillness & peace of that Energy (Spirit) within us, that moves through our bodies and minds.The mind is filled with the Spirit that is the Real You, by meditating in stillness. Meditating is simply a process used to quiet the mind-noise in order to experience your true nature. The sense of separation and pain originating from the mind-noise, disappears when we practice stillness, and over the course of time, impacts our waking, active moments.This Spirit, or essence that is the Real You, is unifying, and radiates outward in an invisible force field that creates subtle shifts, in our private and public lives.As the volume and flow of energy moving through our bodies increases, it naturally gives way to physical action: spirituality in expression at all levels, community and individually.

Kindness heals the world: We already know this!

Acts of kindness and benevolence are political in nature, due to their impact on society and the collective at large. True spirituality expresses itself in action, characterized by the qualities of the Spirit, which are benevolent, compassionate, understanding, instructive, and forgiving, among other things.The notion of being firm yet yielding should be the political goal of any spiritual aspirant, since real lasting change cannot happen with aggression or force. The overarching rule of spirit is Love & Moderation in all things. Love heals all things and is the cornerstone of true healing. Love helps us to know that what we see is the Illusion and that, that which we cannot see, is the Reality.I resonate deeply with Ramana Marharshi’s words above as they relate to politics & healing the spirit of the nation. Giving our Light to the world, by our own inner transformation and healing; by looking deeply within ourselves to honestly assess where our emotional triggers are, (triggers that perpetuate agitation and attachment to the notion it’s all happening outside of us)......This Light is the unifying force that will cause our communal world to mend. If we’re experiencing a sense of needing to “do” something, let it be a ‘something’ that adds to the pot of self-understanding and kindness and compassion, instead of divisiveness and conflict.

We each contribute to the energetic healing of the collective heart

Energetically Healing the Heart of America by Lani Reagan | Paradise Found Santa Barbara

If we participate in sarcastic comments about the “otherside”, how can that be feeling the love we are, or carrying the Light of Love that is the Reality of who we truly ARE, into the world? When we’re engaging in expressions that carry severity and frustration about ‘other’, we are only perpetuating suffering, internally, as well as externally.I never said spirituality was easy. That’s why it’s something we aspire to. But it’ll have deeper and lasting healing results if we move into a practice of surrendering our attachments to what we perceive we must change, in order to become that which we are wanting in the world.This means that regardless of which candidate took presidency, the job of healing the Heart of America for any spiritual aspirant or healing practitioner would be the same, though perhaps made more difficult if the candidate that bought the most heavily into division and ego had been elected.That job would be and still is, to purify ourselves of all tendencies to blame, guilt, hurt or harm in thoughts, words and actions. To the degree we can each do that, while radiating pink light with our loving intentions, will we heal our Collective Heart.The illusions of separation are quickly falling away, due to globalism, and the proliferation of the field of consciousness training. The Energetic-healing of the Collective Heart is both a spiritual and political engagement, but one that starts within each of us.As the full quote of Ramana Maharshi clarifies it,

“‘Correcting oneself is correcting the whole world. The sun is simply bright. It does not correct anyone. Because it shines, the whole world is full of light. Transforming yourself is a means of giving light to the whole world.’

~Living by the Words of Bhagavan, p. 108

The infinite in me, acknowledges the infinite in you

Start by loving yourself, and all of your friends and family who you perceive as, on the “opposing” side, or on any “side” at all.See all as evolving beings, learning about themselves and the world through the veil of separation; learning about the world through the suffering of being too attached to duality and the world of form.In the spirit of wholeness, healing, and One-ness, we must remember, there are no “sides”. It’s possible to know this and experience it because it’s our heritage as spiritual human beings. Why should we give up our spiritual heritage for the mirage that the ego-self serves up, when the answers, solutions and the everything that we could possibly want is within?

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