Getting Comfortable with Change | When the High Priestess Becomes the Charioteer

“Though forced to be on the go, the High Priestess is comfortable as the Charioteer. The Chariot itself raises her up, protects her and carries her forward without effort.” ~Georgianna -

“The Moon in Cancer, or the High Priestess dressed as the Charioteer, can be a powerful time of comfortable change and emotional resilience…

Emotional loyalty, intuitive direction and strength of character can give you the resolve to go forward. Even into the unknown.”
~Georgianna - 

The Hanged Man XII Sun and Moon Tarot | Paradise Found Santa Barbara

It seems as though all of this life that has been happening so fantastically for us all along, is now wanting us to take what we’ve been gestating these past years and move forward with it. Such is the invitation of this new moon in Cancer on June 29, 2022. 

I don’t know about you, but these last few months have been a real humdinger for me, lots of waiting and understanding how processes work by realizing they were never followed through in the first place! But hey, at least I know what the process is now and can initiate and follow it through to completion from here on out. It’s re-membering to trust that process and bless the law of perfect timing that I practice on a regular basis.

Neptune Retrograde in Pisces Clarifies the View for the New Moon in Cancer

“Neptune, the planet of spirituality, illusion, and higher truth...stationing retrograde hours before the New Moon peaks...sends strong waves of watery energy our way...As the waves settle we will...see what has washed up upon the insights, new information, or new inspiration...clarity...helping us to see a new truth.” 
~Tanaaz - 

The Moon XVIII Sun and Moon Tarot | Paradise Found Santa Barbara

Neptune retrograde in Pisces (the Hanged man, upright & dressed as the Moon) is bringing us clarity, as the Hanged Man (Neptune) climbs down from the tree of life and rises up to get a good view of and reflect upon from above the those watery gifts from depths of Pisces (the Moon). What a relief to be able to see clearly, if even for a few moments.

And what a relief to know that new initiatives will be supported by this new moon (the  High Priestess) in Cancer (the Chariot); that all of the jet fuel of recent powerful e-motions  (energy in motion) will be utilized with all the forward moment of what is unfolding next. And not just unfolding, but really taking off!

“Summoning courage for something in your heart that you want to take forward; something that you want to try new, try next, move towards…” 
~Molly McCord

What are the things that you want to take forward? What has been gestating for you? Each month, for several months, I have hoped and imagined that we are coming out of the time of Covid, and I finally realize that there are some things that are likely staying with us. There seems to be an ever-present sense of fear regarding how the virus mutates and what’s next in the violence of world and national events.

It takes a very strong intention and conscious persistence to maintain a sense of wonder at what is unfolding instead of dread or anger or fear. And yet I am dedicated to staying in a place of wonder and trusting that everything is happening for me, for us; even if it appears to the contrary. From that place I am able to send love to everyone and everything involved in it all.

“The New Moon June 2022 calls on you to trust your instincts and trust the Universe.”
~Maria Sofia Marmanides 

The Chariot VII Sun and Moon Tarot | Paradise Found Santa Barbara

Regardless of what is happening in the world, if you are able to read these words right now, you are able to take a moment to breathe deep and notice. Feel your feet on the ground or your bottom in your seat and notice how the earth holds us to her with the love of her gravity. If it’s daytime, take a moment to go to a window or step outside and feel the sun on your skin. How wonderful that the sun has risen today, will set, and will rise again; that there will be a new day tomorrow, that there was actually a new day today. 

The High Empress II Sun and Moon Tarot | Paradise Found Santa Barbara

Notice that the solstice has just past, the extremes of light and dark as the seasons come full circle and head back in the other direction, only to return again over and over.  Breathe in the cycles of life, the circles of the seasons, as you remember that we are on a planet in a solar system, hurtling through space. If it’s nighttime look out a window, or go out under the night sky and contemplate the stars. Remember that the moon is circling our planet, and with her we are circling around the sun with which, as a solar system, we are all circling around the Milky Way, which is circling around the Galactic Center.

In the Chariot card, the card of the sign of Cancer, from the sun and moon tarot, the deck that works with me, the Charioteer is steering with the Hanab Ku, the Mayan Butterfly, which is the Mayan symbol for the Galactic Center. The new moon (High Priestess) in Cancer is essentially dressed as the Chariot, the two pillars of light and dark that she normally stands between honoring each in their entirety have transformed into the bulls pulling the chariot forward.

“Though forced to be on the go, the High Priestess is comfortable as the Charioteer. The Chariot itself raises her up, protects her and carries her forward without effort.” 
~Georgianna -

When I trust the process and consciously remind myself to breathe into each moment, ground myself as I re-member the ever-flowing unconditional love of the dark earth and feel the light of the high holy shining down from above, I am able to entertain this aspect of the High Priestess as the Chariot. I accept the darkness & the light of this world of duality and allow them both to take me forward in life.

Jupiter in Aries Catalyzes Us Forward 

“…the new moon…square…to Jupiter, the planet of expansion and abundance, currently moving through…Aries…could result in a buoyant, social vibe…and a desire to want to take…action…
~Maressa Brown - 

The Wheel of Fortune X Sun and Moon Tarot | Paradise Found Santa Barbara

I know I am asking a lot, of myself and of you, to imagine that all of life is happening for us, and that things are actually getting better even though it seems as if everything is falling apart. And yet, the stars themselves are also asking us to do this. Jupiter (as the Wheel of Fortune) in the sign of Aries (the Emperor) is inviting us recognize that the cycles are turning and in those cycles we can find our mastery. In Chinese medicine the heart is the emperor and as I see it, our mind’s highest and best use is in service to our heart. 

The Emperor IV Sun and Moon Tarot | Paradise Found Santa Barbara

In the Emperor Card the Sun is rising in the mountains behind him as bees remind him how his work sweetens the world. When we follow the wisdom of our hearts, we offer our brilliant minds the opportunity to make sense of life from the heart’s perspective, which is the highest and best use of both.

When we take that time to breathe deep and feel gratitude in our hearts for everything and everyone that supports us through these dark times, we can find our way through. In this chariot card (of the sun and moon tarot) the star filled sky behind the chariot is starting to lighten up towards the horizon, it is just before dawn. 

“Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.”
~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
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