Personal Sovereignty with The Empress & Emperor: Love in the Time of Chaos by Kristine Marie

No matter what is happening out in the world,
we all have personal sovereignty in our own hearts;
we can choose to love.

With all of the chaos of pandemics, lock downs, fires, floods, job losses, business closing, natural disasters and divisive presidential elections, it’s been difficult to understand what is truly happening in the world and knowing I cannot control anything; I have been looking inside and depending on what is in my own heart. In Chinese Medicine’s Meridian theory, the heart is the emperor, it rules over our entire system. In tarot we have the emperor and the empress, and I am seeing just now, these two, together make up the two (masculine and feminine) sides of the human heart. The emperor, as the static, passive aspect of the masculine in the tarot, sits and holds structure, receives the blood; the empress as the active feminine aspect surrenders, allows through and releases the blood out into the body. Together they are the grand pump of our life’s blood and they keep everything moving.

We are each a world unto ourselves

I recently began to study another aspect of the healing arts with a new teacher and am amazed to have discovered what it seems that I should have known all along: the physical body does not emit an energetic body, it’s the energetic body that creates the physical body. This makes so much sense to me and as I look again and deeper into the torus that is our energetic bodies, I see that while the 7th chakra opens up, connecting us to the high holy heavens, the 1st chakra opens down connecting us with the 13th chakra, which is also happens to be the 13th chakra of the earth at her center. This represents, to me, that just as the earth is a homeostatic, self-regulating being, sovereign in her own right, so are we each, as human earthly beings, self regulating homeostatic organisms in our own right. And while we are ultimately interconnected with everyone and everything, we are also simultaneously personally sovereign.

When we heal ourselves, we heal all of creation

The more we consciously connect with the unconditional love of our higher spiritual selves (our God selves) and to our mother earth (our Goddess selves) and allow our own energy to circulate in it’s healthy intended self regulating patterns, the more we become fountains of unconditional love flowing for everyone else. We do not need to “hook” into each other to get what we need; it already intrinsically exists within us. Our patterns of wounding and damage, collected at conception, birth and early childhood thwarted these patterns and as we awake to those wounds and embrace them, looking deep and deeply loving ourselves, we find the medicine to heal ourselves and we become whole again.  The root of the word heal is same as the root of the word whole. And when we come together as whole beings, embracing all of life with us, it is here where we can heal all of creation. Each whole person meeting another whole person increases the healing and wholeness exponentially! The damage and pain of the matriarchy from thousands of years of ago was balanced by the last few thousand years of patriarchy, both passed down our ancestral lines, neither of which was comfortable, but offered powerful and beautiful lessons. Now we are entering the time of Sacred Communion, where, after thousands of years of learning powerful lessons through adversity in duality, we have decided to learn through the honoring AND the union of BOTH masculine and feminine energies; coming together to heal and to cleanup the messes we’ve made as we moved through the last few phases. This is an external and an internal journey; it does not matter which physical characteristics or chromosomes we have, we all have the full spectrum within us. And it is important that we honor it in ourselves and out in the world around us so we can heal.

Come together to honor the earth and all her creatures

This is represented by the 10 of pentacles in the sun and moon tarot deck that works with me. It represents whole people coming together in love and honor of the whole of existence as well as the honor and healing of their own ancestry and family trees in order to heal themselves and the world and really all of creation. And all we have to do to make this happen is LOVE. First love ourselves, allow ourselves to feel everything we are feeling and release the tears that we’ve been holding in, soothing the pain and rinsing out the toxins, while at the same time we receive the unconditional love offered freely around us at all times, like oxygen. Then, as we acclimate, and anchor in, to such a flood of love, we help others access their own; an so on and so and so on…it spreads like wild fire or a pandemic we want to go around…a pandemic of love.

“…And I pray
When we meet again
That the world has changed
Into the world that we are imaging now together

And I pray that the world has become
The world that we’re planting inside of ourselves
For each otherFor our ancestors
And for our kids…”

~ The Bengsons, from The Keep Going On Song

A quick, easy practice

So next time it feels as if the world is going crazy and you don’t know what to do, try this experiment:

  1. Breathe deep into your belly as you imagine your 1st chakra opening down and connecting you to the 13th chakra we share with the earth; breath out and feel mama earth holding her to you with the unconditional love of her gravity and feel that love flooding up from the earth into your heart and throughout your entire system.
  2. Take another deep breath in as you imagine your 7th chakra opening up to connect with the ray of the star in the heart of God that is you, and breathe out as you feel the warm sunshine of the high holy unconditional love saturate your heart and your entire system.
  3. Take a third deep breath in and see, feel and experience those energies of unconditional love coming in at the same time from above and below, surrounding and embracing you, clearing and cleansing your energy system and creating even more unconditional love to share with world around you.

We all have the capacity to be the eye of the storm around us, the place of peace amidst the noise & frenetic energy; this is LOVE in the Time of Chaos. I’ll meet you there.

With so much love, and even more gratitude,

Kristine Thandeka Marie

"No more secrets, Come as you are,All of it fits just right, Heart to heartThere's no tradition, Nothing by the book,All you need is courage, Have the strength to look

There's no more pretending, You can't measure in this room,Just walk through the doorway, Just follow the tuneI see your robe of patches, It is perfectly arranged,Here there is no worry, Letting go of shame

We sit in pure absence, Without expectation…Let us share, don't be scaredCome on in, everything will be alright,

Common truth or something new, What's to lose,All we gotta do is try…Everything will be alright"

~ Trevor Hall

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