One Energetic Secret to a Wonder-filled Christmas by Lani Reagan

“Seeing is believing, but sometimes the most real things in the world are the things we can’t see.”

~from “The Polar Express”

I love holidays because, as a Taurus, and a life path number 5, I love the parties, the gatherings, the ambiance and the food. Of course, most do usually enjoy the festiveness, but even more important to me is the feeling underlying the holidays that sometimes becomes sublimated and secondary to the usual traditions and customs that put us in the mood.

While I am missing the gatherings, the opportunities to shop openly, to get out and socialize, I am in distinct awareness that all that we cannot see is calling us to pay attention to that which is more real than the seen world; calling us to go within for a new experience of ourselves, now and for the future. The time we spend on developing a sense of wonder about what’s internal and unseen will seed our future days to come.

This year is a wonderful opportunity for each of us to journey within ourselves to express gratitude for whatever it is we have and are able to enjoy at the moment, without needing to feel resentful of what we have lost, or could have had or wished we did have. So many of us are doing ok, in the midst of so many more that are far from ok.

Everyone’s solar plexus chakras have been on a wild ride of stress, strain and varying degrees of discomfort. Some of us have endured extreme conditions and tragic loss. All of us are still wondering about what the future holds. Never in any time, at least in my lifetime, has any one event caused such widespread uncertainty that’s brought us more in touch with the need to attend to that which is unseen, in order to ground ourselves and birth ourselves anew. 

Some will miss this opportunity when it comes to the global numbers, since fear and anxiety, are becoming shared communal experiences that distract from taking the journey within, but will you? Especially, is it tempting to lose touch with the unseen aspects of all that is REAL.  As a seeker, a sojourner and an open-hearted and open-minded person, the holidays are indeed, holy days, not with regard necessarily to religious traditions, but with regard to the holy aspect of all that is Unseen in the world. 

How to See the Unseen

The word “secret” creates a sense of mystery. How much more mysterious can you get than “seeing” that which is unseen? The first layer of “seeing” that which is unseen, is to cultivate feeling gratitude for all you have, even if you can only be grateful for the sun which warms your skin. No other feeling can induce a sense of richness and enrich any experience instantly. Gratitude opens the heart chakra and creates a larger inflow and outflow of money and resources, sometimes in mysterious and unseen ways.

The second layer of “seeing” is with your inner eye. Even if you are not good at visualizing, close your eyes and visualize it anyways, without trying too hard. Energy follows where your focus goes, so even if you are visualizing and cannot see, the energy will move to where your focus is so it will happen even if you do not see with your inner eye. 

Step 1 | The Heart Chakra

Start with the feeling of gratitude while visualizing at the heart chakra (center of the chest area) a small l.e.d. light pink in color and see it become larger with each slow rhythmic breath you take. Let yourself keep “seeing” this light getting larger and brighter with each breath. Notice the sensations in your body. You can do 5-7 breathing cycles here. You’ll no doubt feel your heart area expanding, and sense your body relaxing. It’s easier to feel generous when the heart chakra is open, and it’s also easier to receive. 

Step 2 | The Basic Chakra

Next, let your attention come to the basic chakra at the tailbone and visualize a brilliant l.e.d light in blinding white light and do 5-7 breaths at this spot which feeling the sensation being grounded, choose to know (even if you do not as yet have proof) that all the resources you need in your life; all the inner resources you need to enrich yourself in every way imaginable, are within you and coming to maturity here at the basic chakra.

Step 3 | The Crown Chakra

The final spot to attend to is the crown chakra, so be attendant to the crown chakra and visualize a brilliant l.e.d golden in color. Do 5-7 breaths focusing on the light and allowing it to expand with each breath. Choose to know that you are indeed connected to all in your community and to Source. The crown chakra will open up more degrees of knowingness within, as you go within and ‘see’ the energy (rich with data) activating and expanding the crown chakra. 

After the breathing, visualize and choose to know you are connected (and one with) to those you cannot visit. Choose to know how much you are connected to all those you miss. Know you are connected to all those who you pass by throughout your day's events. Choosing to know you are in oneness with someone else, doesn’t require their awareness or permission because this is not about needing anything from them, or imposing a technique on them. This is simply seeing that which is unseen and most real, which is what creates the sense of fullness, that the holidays usually brings us to with the external traditions. 

In many ways this promises to be a richer holiday season than many of past times, for those who can take the journey within, and hold their hearts open to the unseen world will discover the experience of knowing that even as we enjoy the seen world immensely, it’s the unseen world that holds all we want and could ever ask for. 

Whether this exercise helps you give more, connect more in other ways, volunteer or donate more, let the mystery of your inner practice be your silent gift to the world and humanity at large and let your personal experience be richer in all the ways that are most real and important. Wishing you and yours infinite blessings this Christmas and beyond!

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