The Magic of Threes | Three Layer Tarot Spread with the Transparent Tarot!

Building on what we learned in her past two readings, Kristine Marie delves into the beautiful intricacies of the Transparent Tarot, and the possibilities of layering multiple cards and seeing how they interact to create meaning...

Before we enter into a 3 placement card reading, let’s talk about clearing, shuffling and choosing cards. When I read for people, I like to hand them the cards and ask them to shuffle (or at the very least cut the cards); to essentially do what ever feels best in order to put their reading into the cards. 

Clearing the deck consists of bringing it back together after the reading, shuffling/re-integrating the cards and intending that the previous reading is cleared while opening the deck to the next reading. Symbolically I do this by waving the deck over a candle, using the flame to burn away the past and clear the way for the next and then tapping the deck on a selenite heart that sits on the table next to the reading. Once I’ve done that, I hand the cards to the client and they do their part.

When the deck feels ready, it is spread in front of the client and I ask them to pick what ever number of cards is the appropriate number for the reading and to hand me the cards, one at a time, as they are chosen. With the transparent tarot, 3 placements actually necessitate 9 cards so it’s about a 15-minute read.


Here are the first three cards chosen for those of you reading this article:

1. King of Cups (Present Moment)

2. Three of cups (Recent Past)

3. Four of Wands (Near Future)

Placed as follows:

Past-Three of Cups, Present-King of Cups, Future-Four of Wands

The placement of the King of cups represents the present moment – Right now the client is in a place of mastery in the watery unconscious emotional world - they are the king of their own heart – cherishing themselves and feeling confident in navigating the unconscious watery emotional realm.

The placement of the 3 of cups represents the recent past that directly influenced the present moment; there was emotional abundance in the recent past. Celebration and connection of the feminine, positive feminine energy, women’s circle, women friends, feminine energy in whatever forms it chose, supported and created an environment wherein the mastery of emotions was made possible.

The placement of the 4 of wands indicates the immediate future – there is a karmic completion ahead, a destined relationship, of the recognition of the destiny in a relationship – two people coming together to build something and to complete karmic contracts.

After reading the first level, I ask the client if they have any questions, want to share any associations or need any clarity.

SECOND LAYER – Three more cards

1. King of Cups / Temperance
2. Three of cups / Five of Coins
3. Four of Wands / the emperor & the Three of Coins

Placed as follows:

Past-Three of Cups, Five of Coins
Present-King of Cups, Temperance
Future-Four of Wands, Emperor and 3 of Coins

In the recent Past - The 5 of pentacles sits with the 3 of cups; emotional abundance, for this reading, is based in the capacity to let go of worry, to breath into the present moment and remember that no amount of regret can change the past, nor will any anxiety will change the future; instead any amount of gratitude (even a smidgeon) changes everything!  For this querent remembering about gratitude and breathing into the present moment has created the capacity to dance and flow with emotion, to feel and then release the negative while opening up to the positive. 

In the Present moment -  the king of cups exhibits his capacity for finding balance in the cherished heart– with one foot in the dark watery unconscious and one foot on the bright land of the material conscious, he continually pours light into dark and dark into light. The balance comes not from stasis but from the gentle flow of movement between the opposites as the core strengthens and finds the capacity for flexibility and resilience. The king holds the cup of love, full of the beauty of balance, looking to the future, offering a toast to what is to come.

The near Future – surprise! 2 cards pulled at the same time and I was not able to choose between them, so in the 2nd layer of the 3rd placement, both the emperor [hello Aries energy!] and the 3 of coins have messages. The emperor – mastery of the passive divine masculine – wise ruler-ship with the integrated heart at the foundation supports the couple as they build their structure. The three of cups sits below the surface, indicating that the creation amidst the mastery is actually an integration of creative life and professional life and in this creation one sees their reflection. This placement intimates that what is being mastered and built is a lifetime of work and process and reflection of oneself in the world.

THIRD LAYER – Three more cards

King of Cups / Temperance / Eight of Wands
Three of cups / Five of Coins / Eight of Swords
Four of Wands / the Emperor & the Three of Coins / Queen of Wands

PAST – Gratitude for the past revealed important information that helped to release stuck, trapped thoughts and there was an emotional release, a celebration.

PRESENT – as the king of cups finds balance moves with the integration of this new information, spirit acts fast – things start to move immediately and the past is cleared. As spirit illuminates, clarifies and clears the past everything moves quickly forward. 

FUTURE – The image in the mirror becomes clear – the querent sees in themselves a spiritual badass – feminine energy that has taken the tiger by the tail and dispersed the dark stripes into spots, a cheetah sits beside her now as her familiar. This is spiritual mystery/mastery – the capacity to hold the light for oneself as well as for others. The building of a structure upon the mastery of the emperor energy and the integration of creative and professional life reveals to the querent the fulfillment of the next step in the journey – she is ready to take on the world, or at least the next step!

If the client/querent still has any questions or needs more information I will pull the three cards at the very bottom of the deck. For this reading:


The Hermit

8 of Cups

The Lovers

(The Hermit) The time spent alone, in the cave is essential, the sacred necessity of exquisite self-care and never in in vain, it is not a waste of time (nothing is ever a waste of time). (8 of Cups) When we walk away from what no longer serves us we are walking directly towards what serves of now. In fact, what no longer serves us acts as the very stepping-stones to take us towards what we is next on the path. Despite all appearances to the contrary, all of life is (and always was) happening “for” us! And in this specific instance, the inner mystical marriage, (The Lovers) the hieros gamos, the capacity to love, accept and embrace ourselves in our shadow and our light, in all our dualities, this is where we individuate, we become more ourselves. You have become more you, as you individuate there is no other choice; besides, everyone else is taken! And since you are the only you who will ever be in existence in exactly the configuration you are now, the hope of all of your ancestors and your genetic line as well as and the culmination of your personal history/herstory/theirstory, why on earth would you want to be anyone else?

Looking forward to our next reading time together!

Much love & more gratitude,

Kristine Mare

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