The Trick to Accessing Your Creativity

“You always get what you create, and you are always creating.” ~Neale Donald Walsch

“You always get what you create, and you are always creating.”
~Neale Donald Walsch

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I think if more of us remembered the truth stated above, we’d be more in flow with feeling and being creative and we’d have a lot more joyous experiences in our memory banks. After all, our very essence is made up of creative “stuff” and creative “non-stuff”. What do I mean by that?

Well, every breath you inhale and exhale, causes cells to be created and born within your body, while old cells that die off, get swept away and disposed of. We are creating by virtue of our breathing! Of course, it’s at a very subtle, barely discernible level, nonetheless it is happening. All good things begin somewhere. We are breathing machines of creativity even when we can’t lean into that realization at times.

This act happens seamlessly in the body without much conscious command on our parts, just as our “non-stuff-world-of-thoughts'' is constantly creating our realities, both consciously and unconsciously. It’s all so seamless that it often gives the appearance that it’s happening outside of us; that creativity is something we must “get”, “learn”, or “do”. When the real truth of the matter is that when we discipline ourselves to connect to the subtle energy within ourselves, more often than not, we become aligned to that silent force moving through us, responsible for all the seen and unseen things there are or ever will be. 

You Are a Creative Being!

So why is it hard to be “in-flow” at times? Because we have a strong tendency, or habit to believe that the world of form, as we see it, and the thoughts which we often make our ultimate truths, are the Real Things in life. You know like when you are so sure that “so and so is just that way and will always be that way” or that “it’s hard to find that special someone”.

Those are just examples of programs that we let dictate our realities which cut us off from knowing and experiencing ourselves as creative beings. But they do worse. Thought-narratives of that sort keep us feeling disempowered and frustrated, which is the opposite of who the REAL you, truly is; a being of Divine Intelligence, Divine Love & Divine Power. Worse yet, those thoughts keep us creating unpleasant experiences.

What keeps us from realizing ourselves as creative powerhouses is our buy-in to all that is the opposite of Love, Light & Power. Our claiming those programs as real, by courting it in our thoughts, attention and demeanor; our attachment to needing others to believe that our programs are the ultimate truth; our indignation when anyone comes along and might suggest that other realities exist; it’s called over-attachment. These programs and energies give the illusion of protection and comfort. They make us feel comfortable because, in most cases, they have been with us for a long, long time. So long that we begin to think that this is all there is and that this is as good as it gets.

If we fail to find the stillness of the Divine Spark within us, we can go on making excuses, or feeling bitter about our not creating the things we thought we wanted to and we can cheat ourselves out of accessing the Divine Creative Spark that rests latent within us. So how do you access that Divine Creative Spark and how can you make the most of realizing it more often than not? The aim is to develop flexibility in our body’s, as well as in our thinking, so that our attachment levels can decrease. 

Three Ways to Find Your Divine Spark

1. Breathe slowly and inhale deeply to a rhythmic count of 6 or 7, then hold the breath for  half of that (3-4 seconds). Then exhale for 6-7, then hold for 3 or 4 the bottom. Make sure the lower rib cage widens so the lungs can be drawn down and the upper chest is relaxed so that the breath isn’t prevented from entering the body. 

2. Notice the quality of your moments and how attentive you are, to your feelings. In this state of careful noticing you develop greater inner space to be able to feel, see, and examine any mindnoise or random obsessive thoughts keeping you from your Soul’s destiny. The act of noticing without reactivity starts a shift.. Simply witness this state while moving through your day. If you simply watch it, you will notice that it will change over time. 

3. Speak slowly. You will notice that the spaciousness you purposefully create between words (leaving half of a second to a whole second between the words) will allow a part of yourself to hear old feelings denying you  your creative embodiment.

Of course, there are a lot of other ways, but I use these 3 techniques the most often. They render really good results. Make sure you recall all the creativity you’ve elicited from past events, in which you felt great, happy, and fulfilled. This is a way to reclaim that energy from  your higher self and use that as a frame of reference for what is possible for you.

Then remember that since you are constantly co-creating, make sure your tongue speaks only good things of positivity, and quickly own it when you see yourself diverge into the negative. After all, since your next days, weeks, years and months are being created in this now-moment , your conscious co-creating practice is bound to keep you creating more rewarding days ahead.  

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