The True Meaning of The Honey Moon

Every full moon in June is connected to the sweetness of ripening love, romance and pleasure...

Every full moon in June is connected to the sweetness of ripening love, romance and pleasure.

The Honey, or Mead, Moon was named after the celebrations that come after a marriage ceremony. Traditionally, June was a month associated with Roman goddess Juno, the wife of Zeus who ruled over marriage, traditional relationships, fertility and conception, and she was known as a protector of women during childbirth.

What isn’t as widely known is that Juno was the goddess of war and money to the Romans.

Juno Moneta’s name comes from monere “to warn”, “but because the first mint in Rome was later located near Juno’s temple, moneta became associated with coinage — hence the derivative term ‘money.’” (Natasha Sheldon,

Juno was the protectress of armies and towns from enemy attacks, and was on hand to warn of invasions through dream oracles and omens. Her protection meant advantages of all kinds, including material gain via the spoils of war.

Juno was called Regina, meaning “Queen”, and Lucina meaning “light.” She was the embodiment of the full moon in June who overlighted lovers - that would eventually marry and produce offspring.

When you look up at the full moon on June 3rd/4th, you are gazing upon the beautiful Queen of the Light, goddess Juno.

Simple Reverential Ritual For Juno To Bring Love, Marriage, Money & Luck

On one or both the nights of the full moon, leave an offering with 3 wishes written on paper under the plate.

What to include on your offering plate:

3 pastries or small cakes

3 votive candles (white or green)

Silver items, like jewelry

Peacock feather (This is her sacred animal)

Rose Incense or flower petals

Glass of Mead (Any kind of wine will do if you don’t have mead wine)

Whatever your offering for your petition, it’s not necessary to include every item on this list. It’s all about the intention and your sincerity.

Wishing you a blessed Honey Moon!

Love & luminosity,


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