Venture into the Timeless

We are in a time of deep transformation and our consciousness is rising and rising into time-less-ness.‍ There is a felt sense of a connection to both the past and the future, seamlessly woven together...

You may not remember,
but let me tell you this,
someone in some future time
will think of us.

We are in a time of deep transformation and our consciousness is rising and rising into time-less-ness.

In this liminal space, we experience the Ancient-Future. In this embodiment there is a felt sense of a connection to both the past and the future, seamlessly woven together.

This is the realm of this Full “Blue” Moon in the water sign, Pisces. 

(A Blue Moon happens when there are two full moons in the same month.)

Pisces rules the 12th house of the zodiac - it’s the Alpha and the Omega, beginning and end, light and dark––in essence, Pisces is ALL things. It is the last stop of the soul’s journey through the cosmos. It is the Ancient-Future

Traditionally, the 12th house is the domain of Dreams, Sleep, Mysticism, Imagination, Memory, Music, Places of Healing and of Confinement (Hospitals, Spas, Sanctuaries, Prisons, Ashrams), Past Lives, Karma, Spiritual Liberation, Soul Wisdom. 

And, during the full moon we will be connecting with the higher frequencies of love. Venus, still in retrograde, will beam down her golden rays helping us to heal past wounds of the heart through our unconscious mind and dreams. Memories from your past, perhaps even past lives, will filter through and weave into images of the present. 

This is the perfect time to keep a dream journal close to your bed so you can remember all that comes through. 

In Egyptian Shamanic Astrology, Pisces is connected to Sothis, the ancient Egyptian name for the blue star Sirius and the heavenly residence of the goddess Isis. Sothis was considered the Bodhisattva of Compassion, the Mother of Unconditional Love.

Asteroid #42, named after Isis, is nearly conjunct Mercury in Virgo, the opposite sign to Pisces. Mercury is also retrograding until September 15th.

Virgo is an earth element sign that is aligned with impeccable integrity, the tenderest, tiniest details and grounded communication. This is a time when we must pay attention to the details and see between the lines. Someone may be withholding vital information, so it’s best to listen to your intuition. 

If something inside of you is getting a red flag or you have an inner knowing that there is more to the story than someone is revealing, follow your gut. 

What’s the saying? 

“You always know.”

Venus is retrograde in Leo until September 4th, tracing back over themes from your life in 2015. I remember a few things from that year … and one was that I self-published my first book, Return to Enchantment: Your Guide To Creating A Magical Livelihood!

Interesting to note since I’m currently writing the follow up to that book, which goes deeper into the archetypes and astrology.

Now, grab your journal and get to reflecting! 

(Another perfect activity during this Full Blue Moon in Pisces.)

What do you remember from your life in 2015?

This particular Venus star point will return again in another 8 years––in 2031! 

What seeds do you wish to plant for your future? 

I know, thinking 8 years ahead is really challenging. At least for me. 

But when you tune into your sacral chakra and your heart, what do you feel? What do you know?

First, put one hand on your lower belly, over the sacral chakra, and the other over your heart chakra area.

Work with your sensual faculties as the sacral is deeply connected to your five senses. Drop into the body and sink your awareness down into your lower belly.

What does the future look like?
What does it sound like?
What does it smell like?
What does it taste like?
How does it FEEL?

Now, float your awareness back up and behind your heart. 

What does your heart want you to know?
What wisdom does it have to share about everything you just sensed in your body?

It’s the time to remember your past, and to weave the future into the present moment. 

Pisces and Virgo together create the perfect conditions for embodying the wisdom of the stars. Fusing the healing light of the Cosmos into every cell of your body.

This moon whispers oh so gently. 


Remember the past. Remember the future.

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