A Beautiful, Continual Unfolding

The beauty of our journey is that it is continually and organically unfolding according to the natural flow of all things whether we perceive it or not.

“It is strange how, in a universe governed by relentless change, human beings hunger for constancy — our bodies wired for homeostasis, our minds hooked on habit, our hearts yearning for everlasting love.

We live as patterns unaware of perpetuating themselves, our aching resistance to change reflected in the routines and rituals and relationship formulae out of which we build the superstructure of belief that houses all of our actions, reactions, and choices.”
~Maria Popova, The Marginalian 

It has been about 40 days since New Year’s Day and any resolutions we may have made for 2024.

How‘s it going? The implementing of the visions for a new ‘me’, a new life. The brave and fearless carve their way into the unknown and explore new territory. Others decide they are not quite ready.  Those ideas for change were perhaps bigger than the potential for leaping. To be sure, we move only as quickly as our vulnerable human selves can tolerate. We are hard-wired for survival.

Which ever the case, leaping or hesitating, change is happening even when it may not seem that way in one’s day to day. The beauty of our journey is that it is continually and organically unfolding according to the natural flow of all things whether we perceive it or not. That is why those big ideas will seem completely doable in 2025. When we choose to ‘go with the flow’ and are aware of the unfolding we are like an ice boat racing across a frozen lake. 

Opening to Infinite Possibility and Potential

When we play, we are also open and free to travel in all directions, poised to take to the wind. Free to embrace ‘come what may’. Do you remember days of carefree adventure as a child? Waking with excitement, enthusiasm for the day. Couldn’t get dressed fast enough to get out and explore!

As adults when we overcome our fear of the unknown or get past our need to know outcomes, we too may be enthusiastic and excited--just because! What we do day to day will reflect our excitement and vitality. If we give into what should be or how others have influenced us we are denying the most passionate part of our selves.

If we ask the question, 'what's new', it is perhaps necessary to be conscious of one’s thoughts as our behavioural patterns show up in how we think. Patterns and habits as they change slowly dissolve and may rarely surface. Then one day we realize, oh, I haven’t had that thought in a while. It may take time for us to see that what is new is the absence of what’s old. 

There is great significance in the subtle, not so obvious, rounding the corner. It is important to realize this and honour oneself throughout the journey whether big change or little change appears to be happening. Not having any particular expectations about the process allows one to accept. With acceptance we open the sluice to infinite possibility and potential. Excitement is the not-knowing what will show up. 

“When faced with the most transformative experiences, we are ill-equipped to even begin to imagine the nature and magnitude of the transformation — but we must again and again challenge ourselves to transcend this elemental failure of the imagination if we are to reap the rewards of any transformative experience.”
~M. Popova

February New Moon 20° Aquarius

Best we intend openness and willingness in the few days around February’s New Moon as the sign it is in, Aquarius, lacks patience for the hesitant and fearful. Aquarius has a vision of what serves ‘community’ and having a finger on the pulse of universal rhythm innately recognizes what is beneficial in service to the whole. The individual is considered as a fraction of that whole. Each individual is asked to ‘be their best’; to contribute their best to the collective. By the time we have reached the 11th sign of the Zodiac, we have worked through healing some of our wounds and attending to emotional insecurities. We are prepared to offer our selves in a new way; with clarity. 

Aquarius, ruled by Uranus, the light bringer! Revolution for evolution! focuses on humanity and what contributes to humanities liberation. That liberation is on all levels—physical, mental, emotional and ultimately spiritual. Aquarians are inventive and can address all levels of human being with positive solutions they often evade the rest of us. 

As has been the case for several months, Uranus (19 deg. Taurus) is closely aspecting the Sun/Moon at 20 degrees. And as Pluto has just moved into Aquarius after a long sojourn in Capricorn (15 years) the power to shift old patterns is moving us, collectively, whether we realize it or want it individually. It is beyond our control. 

So, now is the time to earnestly bring all faculties into alignment with the flow that gains speed and strength on its way to the sea. For those who have hidden in the shadows hoping not to be seen for fear of persecution this is the time to step into the light and share all of those fabulous qualities that are your unique inheritance. 

The earth is singing. We are singing. That music fills our daily environment and is altering how we think and act. It is happening organically. With Effervescence! Kindness, compassion and deep caring are the physical manifestations of this pervasive tune. Gratefully we embrace, collectively, and dance in the light in which we are immersed. A beautiful side effect—returning to the purity and naivety of our child at play. 

“I do not know what I may appear to the world, but to myself I seem to have been only a boy playing on the seashore.”
~Isaac Newton 

Isaac Newton: Chart ruler Venus in Aquarius, T-square with Pluto/Neptune and grand trine with Moon/Ascendant. Uranus in a small talent trine with Sun at the apex and trine to a Jupiter/Saturn conjunction.

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