Aquarius New Moon: Don’t Take It Personally!

It is of great benefit to begin releasing one’s attachment to a perceived identity. We can consciously and deliberately put the old habits of reaction under a microscope with the express intent of dismantling the need to cling to what appears to be ‘our self’.

"An authentic story is about all of us, all the people. An inauthentic story is only about the one who wrote it.”
~a Pintupi man to author Barry Lopez.  (from Daily Good January 16, 2021) 
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We can free ourselves, by freeing our minds.

When we take things personally a lot of emotional content moves and we often end up feeling hurt in some way. As we are aware, someone speaks to us, it goes through our filters, we interpret based on our fears/experiences/insecurities. We end up feeling stung, unhappy. Not peace. Peace seems to have vanished as we wade through old thoughts that we conjure for such situations. “Why do people always____”. Just fill in the blank. 

It is a subject for much contemplation as many of us know. We can end up being upset because we got upset. Goes round and round. Eckhart Tolle, the author of The Power of Now,  has a wonderful discussion of this at: 

He masterfully leads us to seeing that it is our identification with an identity that leads to being hurt. The identity that keeps us from recognizing that we are not separate beings and this separate identity is something we are ready to defend at any cost. 

It is of great benefit to begin releasing one’s attachment to a perceived identity. We can consciously and deliberately put the old habits of reaction under a microscope with the express intent of dismantling the need to cling to what appears to be ‘our self’. As there is no ‘real self’; that is an entity separate from what is the true nature. If it ceases to exist at some point, as all things in the phenomenal world will, it has no reality. This body will cease to exist.

“Life isn’t as serious as the mind makes it out to be.”
~Eckhart Tolle 

What a relief! When we no longer feel put upon by anyone or any event. When the mind is no longer our master and tormentor. When we realize that what other people think of us really cannot matter. 

A-what we think of others is a presumption, a judgment and B-as stated previously, there is no real individual to presume and no real individual upon which presumptions can be made. It is ALL THE SAME.

Is there any help for us as we realize that peace is the knowing that ‘it does not matter’ and as we move ever closer to seeing that we have never left the very ‘thing’ that we eagerly seek?

Aquarius and Universal Oneness

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February 11th the New Moon in Aquarius (23 degrees @ 11:06 a.m.) gives us a few moments to let go of our habitual tendencies and breathe the rarefied air of ‘oneness’. Aquarius, a fixed air sign that is progressive, visionary, humanitarian, friends with everyone and has little to do with taking things personally. Individual does not figure prominently in the sign that is ‘one for all and all for one’. And for whom Love is all inclusive and nondiscriminatory. 

There are six planets in Aquarius on this day an enormous emphasis on macro rather than micro. Get your head out of the minutia and see the big picture! Nothing relieves taking the self quite so seriously as sticking your head up above the clouds. Let the sunshine in and may the brilliance blind me to judgment and criticism. 

With Mercury retrograde in the sign of the Water Bearer there may be the need to let go of thinking that has limited one from hearing the call to freedom. The planet that rules Aquarius, Uranus is always pushing for detachment as change is inevitable. We can’t hang on. The past has little to do with this moment. Letting go is necessary if one is to embrace Being. As we let go we find that awareness IS to a greater and deeper extent. Aquarius helps us divest ourselves of old conditioning. As the old falls away light shines brighter. And as radiant beings we illuminate everything we touch. Aquarius is the water bearer, pouring out his wisdom for all to share and Uranus is the light bringer. 

The fact that Mars in Taurus, an earth sign squares five of the six planets provides energy to recognize and contend with stubborn resistance based on self worth issues or materialistic attitudes. There may be some head butting when defiance to change meets the inevitable evolutionary surge. 

An outstanding aspect in this chart is the conjunction of asteroid Pallas Athena to Sun/Moon. This asteroid, a purveyor of wisdom, calmly guides all to a higher level of expression. Rise above and see clearly the lay of the land and how “I” am not that, the lay of the land. Confidence magnifies and a sense that there is a ‘rightness’ to everything. 

It feels very much like this New Moon is the seed energy for this year; that shedding the old to prepare for what we do not know to come. From the impersonal perspective we can accept what is, we can allow for whatever may come to pass as that is the way. We have care and compassion for all beings as we are all in the same pot of soup. Not one of us is not affected by the deep movement of energy that began a very long time ago. It perhaps, gains momentum as we continue to rise above and go beyond. Beyond all of our human capacity thus far. Unfolding into deeper more intimate connection with each other. As in nature, no different, intimately connected. We are all That, Truth.

“Ego takes everything personally. Emotion arises, defensiveness, perhaps even aggression. Are you defending the truth? No, the truth, in any case, needs no defense.”
~Eckhart Tolle
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