Find Freedom Beyond the Limits of the Mind

"If we examine the nature of Mind’s phenomena using thought as our tool, we would be limited by the character of the thought structures at our disposal.

We would be examining thought with thought—and that would become progressively more ludicrous.”
~Roaring Silence: Discovering the Mind of Dzochen by Ngakpa Chogyam & Khandro Dechen

Words such as Dzochen may appear challenging to pronounce and/or somewhat mysterious. It is a word only and words after all, are merely an aid to understanding everything in a way that our limited thinking mind can comprehend. Once understood words such as Dzochen from the Tibetan language, find a spot within us that can initiate transcendence. All thought is temporarily bypassed. We glimpse freedom. Freedom from a truth that we presumed; thought being our master. Instead we suddenly realize the origin of thoughts (past occurrences) and are then aware of ‘my own confined experience’.

(Dzochen: Great Perfection or Great Completion if referring to the Wylie transliteration method that uses only English language letters.) 

If our minds are the only source of information, we limit our selves to a conditioned experience. Conditioning presumes and precedes experience in a way that helps us feel comfortable as the outcome is more or less known.

The known outcome is something that is desirable to we humans who have traversed these centuries with great courage, having suffered many traumas. We might even be habituated to the comfort of knowing. According to Carol Dweck, psychologist, this is a ‘fixed mindset’ that ensures safety. It does not encourage growth for which a penchant for the unknown is required.

“Why waste time proving over and over again how great you are, when you could be getting better.”
~Carol Dweck, Mindset: The New Psychology of Success

John D. Bernal, molecular biologist, (May 10, 1901-September 15, 1971), points out that part of our inability to see or think clearly, taking into account the vast ‘experience’ beyond what we consider to be  real, relates to mind/body evolution.

“The human mind evolved always in the company of the human body, and of the animal body before it was human.”
~J. D. Bernal

We have for millennia identified our selves with the mind-body and to suddenly be reminded that we are not the mind-body, to which many of us nod our heads in agreement, great consternation ensues. How to ‘think’ about this proposition? The answer, do not think. 

In many very old traditions the method employed to understand the mind and therefore to bypass the hold thoughts have upon us is meditation, a good beginning. Nondual teacher Adyashanti spent many years in meditation from the path of Zen Buddhism. Meditation may lead us to discover that the “Buddha I had been chasing was what I was.” ~Adyashanti

What I am is presence in this moment.

“The present moment holds the key to liberation. But you cannot find the present moment as long as you are your mind.”
~Eckhart Tolle, The Power of Now 


In this present moment is neither past nor future. There is the capacity to accept what is and be free of suffering. That is our goal. Having plumbed the depths of grief, despair, etc. and tasted the fleeting edges of joy we are now ready to take the leap of faith that carries us beyond the known and deeper within, to our greatest desire, to be free. 

New Moon in Scorpio 11/13/23 at 20 degrees

In moments of utter darkness we glimpse the light within. The mind finds no comfort in its usual refuge. This is often the catalyst for walking the path less traveled. The dark night of the soul is something familiar to most of us and the last place we want to linger. We therefore become willing participants in our redemptive process. Redemption not from evil or sin but simply from being human and subject to the conditioning of this phenomenal world. 

This new moon in Scorpio has the potential to bring us face to face with a kind of dark night of the soul. We may visit that to some degree or other depending on where we are at this time. What is it at this moment that is most vital to your continuing transformative process? For that is surely one of Scorpio’s most significant roles.

Birth, death, rebirth, regeneration is the cycle of humanity that when ‘understood’ as the defining aspect of human existence, ceases to be a limiting factor contributing to our ignorance. Knowing that this cycle is a presumed concept, based on the human story, we set our selves free. We know that birth and death for instance, are relative terms, nothing is born and nothing dies as our essence, the essence of everything is infinite and eternal.

Scorpio, has laser vision, pierces illusion and dives deep into all areas of human experience and  rises then to greater heights. Scorpio is the only astrology sign that has three levels—the scorpion, earthly existence, eagle, transcending the density of the phenomenal world and the dove that rises to heaven and reflects to us our divine nature.

We may be challenged in these few days around this new moon in a way that impels us to visit areas of shadow that have prevented our ‘acquisition’ of Truth. We want to be aware of what is not happening with ‘ease and grace’ in our lives. Am I open to ‘going with the flow’? Do I have some measure of resistance that creates a road block? My intention then, to relax, do not think, do not judge but be clear about knowing my path is right in front of me and does not require the interference of my thinking to assist me on this journey. That is organically and divinely orchestrated!

As this new moon is conjunct Mars at 22 degrees Scorpio there is added energy in our quest to leave no stone unturned. Mars in Scorpio has ambition, will not take no for an answer. Mars in Scorpio has a natural inclination to dive deep. The surface stuff has little interest for this Mars. Be aware and therefore prepared for courageous exploration and hefty transformation, Scorpio’s ultimate goal—elimination and transcendence—the route of the dove.

Contributing to the intensity of these days and at the same time offering us, well pushing us, to evolve, to let go of our preoccupation with materialistic pursuit is Uranus in Taurus opposite the Sun, Moon, Mars trio. Taurus in its infancy deals with security and establishing itself in the material world. Taurus in an elevated phase, what we all yearn for in the 21st century, is not interested in the temporary world of phenomena. Uranus in Taurus is aware that real security is knowing that we are, by nature impervious to the temporality of the earthly plane. 

The Scorpio trio is also trine to Neptune in Pisces, that beyond perceived structure guides us to trust in what we do not know, in favour of that which is without parameters and fully open to the vastness of a silent and still ocean of awareness. Here we are the observer. In a sense the great eye; no longer the ‘I’.

The eye sees only. Has no judgment. Without judgment we are free to experience those aspects of Reality that are great compassion, joy and peace. We accept what is, first and foremost this little human being in whom you have so much potential in this moment, to soar.

A new moon, Sun conjunct Moon, is always an invitation to wholeness as the two major aspects of our being are united—the conscious self and the instinctual self. Add to this the powerful, inherent need of Scorpio to experience/know the deepest and/or darkest aspects of human nature and a moment of piercing the veil arises. 

One last feature of this chart to mention is Mercury at four degrees Sagittarius. Do we need direction? Something to point the way? Well, the Messenger could not be in a better sign. Sagittarius, the Archer has the arrow in his bow directed at Truth as that is the catch phrase of Sagittarius, ‘I seek Truth’. And another sign that leaves ‘no stone unturned in the quest for greater knowledge. We look forward to some highly enlightening moments!

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