Imagine Better Than the Best You Know

What do we do in our wildest imaginings? Do we imagine our selves at lake’s edge feeling the sun’s warmth and the coolness of the breeze coming down from the north? ...

“Our future is our imaginal activity in its creative march. Imagine better than the best you know.”
~Neville Goddard, Infinite Potential

What do we do in our wildest imaginings? Do we imagine our selves at lake’s edge feeling the sun’s warmth and the coolness of the breeze coming down from the north? Bare-skinned, senses engaged, we tuck in and out of thick forest on our way to discover what lies at the heart of our mystery. Or do we, caught in reverie, imagine our selves wrapped in a blanket of stars, expansive, listening to the whispers that fall silent all around?  

All of us based on our own predilections imagine accordingly. Imagine from our hearts, the heart’s desire. The longer we’ve been here the more one-pointed our desire becomes. At this time when the planet appears to be struggling—a precise reflection of what humanity is experiencing—we could ask our selves, ‘how might I employ my mind to contribute to the healing, harmony and welfare of all beings?’

Step 1: Awareness of my thoughts and what I am creating with them.

Not new to us, that I create my own reality with my thoughts but a good reminder at this time to keep on keeping on with our observations of what I contribute to the collective consciousness.

    “As you sow in your subconscious mind, so shall you reap in your body and environment.”    
~Joseph Murphy, The Power of Your Subconscious Mind


The Moon XVIII of the major arcana in the Tarot deck is a card that indicates our ability to     travel into the shadows of our psyche, to discover what silent, old motivators might exist there and to bring them and out into the light for dissolution. These unconscious/repressed elements can manifest as limiting patterns of which we are not aware. The Moon is a card for the fearless navigator of the dark and hidden. 

Step: 2: Offering one self loving-kindness and compassion for the dedication and commitment to the journey.

This really speaks of the cessation of judgment. When we cease being so hard on our selves because we know that we are doing the best we can do in the moment and in fact that is all we can do, what is doing in this moment, we also stop judging others. (Connecting with the core/center with the inhaled breath, and a moment of stillness upon the exhaled breath—the breath takes us out of the head, closer to the heart)

Step 3: For a moment the focus is expansive, less personal, one with the vast truth of the infinite and eternal present.

Knowing that our beliefs create division. In the tarot the last major arcana card is the World XXI. Here our perspective is from above the clamour and din of habitual action and reaction. With this lofty view one is no longer burdened by the patterns that influence us. Just being aware of these habitual behaviours is enough to begin freeing one self from conditioning that is our framework.)

Many of us who are repeat visitors share a powerful desire to be of service, to share our perspective gathered along the way of this journey. Using our mind to contribute means initially, to dedicate ones self to deepening Truth and thereby becoming ever more present now. We automatically will express greater loving-kindness and compassion.

This is the well established foundation of Buddhism. For 2,500 years Buddhists have promoted “maithri” or loving-kindness and compassion towards all living beings and mindfulness, focusing on the present moment. And now there is widespread participation;  people wanting to reach out and connect with grace; we are, with grace, slowly moving the community to greater care for every thing on the planet. Each one of us has enormous potential to contribute to this exciting process through creative imagining. This has nothing to do with what has occurred and everything to do with openness to the unknown.


“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking that created them.”
~Albert Einstein 

PF new moon 8/27/2022 Virgo 4 degrees 4 minutes

The new moon August 27 at 4 degrees Virgo brings our attention to the mind at service. And Mars in Gemini provides the impetus and energy to open the doors for wild imagining. As the journey of Mars through Gemini includes a retrograde period, it will actually reside in the sign of the twins for a little more than 7 months (August 20, 2022-March 25, 2023). Generally Mars is in a sign for approx. 2 months. The retrograde begins October 30 and ends January 12, 2023 so we have plenty of time for contemplation, recapitulation and discovering new avenues for communication and for thinking/not thinking.

I like also what the master at the helm of Monarch Astrology shares:

“The major themes I am encouraging you to consider for this retrograde are: 1) accessing more vitalizing perspective, 2) striking dream imagery (and dreamwork), and 3) motivation/morale around prayer and our relationship with something larger than ourselves.”

Virgo is ruled by Mercury the planet known as the messenger. Communication and how one thinks are the energies with which Mercury shows up in our charts. Virgo is the detail conscious, service oriented sign that is humble by nature. 

As such we have the perfect scenario for putting our minds to work so to speak, in a way that positively reflects the essence of the spiritual journey we are all on. Dedication is also a familiar quality of Virgo that gives all of us for these few days around the 27th an added incentive to focus our minds and thoughts to creating the ideal that serves each of us as individuals that automatically contributes positively to the collective—all one and the same. 

Mars, spirit of the warrior, of action, of full steam ahead in Gemini, is also ruled by Mercury. Mars is squaring the sun/moon conjunction with only a 5 minute separation. There will be all kinds of vital communication and lively conversation in these days surrounding this new moon. Virgo an earth sign will suggest practical and productive activity to temper the natural tendency for Gemini, an air sign, to run hither and yon questing new information. 

Also, Mercury itself is in the sign of Libra, also air (cool, rational and apt to look for the point of balance, the place of peace) trine to Mars contributing to conversation and communication that is seeking balance but with speedier decisions than are generally the expression of Libra. 

So again, at this time when thinking and communication are center front. when reverence for the well-being of the community is a strong focus(Virgo), we ask our selves, what do I want to be putting out there into the collective ‘net’? As influential as the old conditioning can be, time to embrace the vision. Hold to a steady course of positive imaginings that contribute to the well-being of everything on our planet. 

Even though we may not have experienced a full on, world-wide expression of caring and compassion covering all corners of the globe we can imagine in 5-D what that looks like. Meet every thing where it is in this moment. Share pure essence of being to carry everyone on their way. We can join with the many souls already engaged in this practice and tip the scales in favour of widespread grace. Compassion is after all, at the root of being.

In our wildest imaginings we support the realization for everyone that there is a concept that allows me to know that there is a concept of which I may not have been aware. The doors are open for our accelerated awakening!

Blessings on this wild journey! We are all held in grace.

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