Let Your Unique Expression Flow...

Dance, Tai Chi, and Aikido are just some of the ways that we translate our life force and vital energy into action and expression. This energy, when we go with the flow and do not block it, is deeply touching and relieves suffering in all who witness it.

“There is a vitality, a life force, an energy, a quickening, that is translated through you into action, and because there is only one of you in all time, this expression is unique. And if you block it, it will never exist through any other media and will be lost.”
~Martha Graham 

Nature cannot not express itself. Everything in nature moves according to life force. It imbues all things and all things live, grow and unfold in harmony with life force. Human beings with the gift of thought have the ability to resist life force, to control their existence and temporarily bypass nature. The separative result does not support a balanced expression and we suffer. Every time we connect with nature or witness the natural expression of life force through a human being we are deeply touched. 

Uninhibited movement such as that of dance, unchoreographed and spontaneous is a reflection of energy that flows in all things. This captivates us and again and again reminds us--’that is I’. We are so grateful for this reminder it can bring us to tears. We too are released into the stream of presence.

Several years ago a Tai Chi master performed at the Lobero Theater. So still was he that every movement was a clear expression of divine life force. (Stillness refers to ‘no mind’, when thoughts do not interfere with our ability to be present.) Blue light streamed through him and poured from his fingertips as he gracefully and with enormous ease danced across the stage. In a few moments he disappeared altogether; became a blur of energy. Pure presence. 

If we think of life as a dance how is it I wish to ‘perform’? When everything is available to me how is it that life force is expressed through me? One thing we can be certain of is that that expression is not static but ever changing. Our lives move through many stages of movement often based upon the quest to diminish suffering. This as we know runs the gamut of display in an attempt to get what we think will make us happy. Often we are not aware of what it is we truly seek—to Be so that the river runs through me and I am set in motion by that ever present life force. There is nothing more deeply satisfying. 

This brings to mind the great dance of Aikido, the art of peace. As a martial art form the principal teaching is that force met with force creates more force. Force met without resistance loses momentum and the opponent easily uses the energy of the attack to disarm the assailant. By going with the flow rather than against it we accomplish great things with out effort. 

“Warriorship is none other than the vitality that sustains all life.”
~Morihei Ueshiba, The Art of Peace

We have all heard these words. ‘If it doesn’t come easily…’ we should step out of the way and allow divine life force to move us rather than our thoughts that are all based on the past. Thinking that I know what is best is my worst enemy. As Ojai teacher Robert Wolfe professes, best to be open “and poised in all directions.” Receptive to that which is the way. And the discovery of that way does not require my thinking. 

The ever present energy/life force is becoming more accessible to us as we individually and collectively divest our selves of conditioning, an organic process that perhaps can be hastened by just being aware of the process. Every new moon, full moon, eclipse, transit, contributes energy to the change that is occurring. We have opportunity to quicken the pace by being observant and honoring that change one step at a time. We inch along, inch along and then suddenly find our selves in the midst of a great leap. 

Astrology | New Moon in Gemini May 30th, 2022

In this new moon chart (9 degrees Gemini) the ruler is Mercury at 26 degrees of Taurus retrograde. Mercury is involved in a small talent trine. It is sextile (60 degrees) Neptune and trine (120 degrees) Pluto which is sextile to Neptune. Pluto, the voice of the masters, the power to transform, is aspecting Neptune the language of ‘no language’, no boundaries; that which is beyond our physical experience. Both are in relation to Mercury giving us the energy to bypass conventional communication, to pay attention to the inner voice (Mercury retrograde) and to observe rather than dictate how things should be done. 

Small talent trines are indicative of unique creative talent—the human being in alignment with life force. Many famous creative people have a small talent trine present in their natal charts. It is two sextiles and a trine. The sextiles are between compatible elements (in this case earth and water, Mercury in Taurus/Neptune in Pisces) but the modalities are not agreeable (Pisces is mutable and goes with the flow, moves easily. Taurus is a fixed sign and rather immovable in their viewpoints). 

The challenge lies with the two planets in apparent disagreement. We resolve any lack of understanding through the third planet that is in trine. Here we have Pluto in an earth sign, Capricorn, in trining  Mercury also in an earth sign. Capricorn is a cardinal sign it calls the shots. The solution is grounded in the phenomenal world and involves longstanding structure that if it does not serve us, Pluto will eliminate/transform. 

Small talent trine, a powerful punch. More conditioned behavior falls away. We are freer as our attachment to thoughts lessens. 

Thinking is fine which is good as Gemini is involved in a lot of thinking. Gemini is designed however, not to cling. As a mutable sign Gemini will move easily from one thing to the next. This is a gift! Gemini is also communication. That includes all kinds of relating that doesn’t always require words or thinking. With Mercury retrograde in Taurus this new moon is about feeling  inter-relatedness and communicating freely without habitual patterns that see us struggling with one another. This fulfills a priority of Taurus which is security. When we realize the underlying Truth of being, we acquire a sense of security that is unshakable. Truth is eternal and omnipresent. 

This new moon is a personal challenge to heighten our awareness, to assist us with recognizing the Reality that is beyond the preoccupation with the self and the belief that what I am is this body/mind; that the extent of ‘me’, is this physical reality.

With Jupiter (expanded sense of being, so wisdom to realize, to reach out and embrace the unknown) conjunct to Mars (action and outgoing energy) in Aries our action will move us toward a higher plane of expression. Each of course will be moved according to what they are able to accomplish in this moment. Every little movement is a movement the results of which may not be evident immediately but will be noticed each time one becomes aware that ‘I haven’t had that thought for a while’.

The combo in Aries sextiles (there is that easy but motivating energy) this sun and moon in Gemini—expansive, courageous action that raises awareness is the message the messenger delivers. If we also take into consideration a square to Mercury from Saturn the taskmaster, we are compelled to stay on track and take responsibility for that message. And it surely will not be sugar coated. It will be precisely to the point. 

Lastly, a square from Pluto to Venus in Taurus (material desires) guarantees that what we are attached to will come up for review. Just to bear in mind it isn’t the thing itself that is problematic but the attachment to it that brings us grief. 

A simple way to bypass any feelings of overwhelm or the desire to figure it all out? Face east, the direction of the rising sun, a new day, take a deep breath, exhale repeat and repeat and repeat.  

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