Personal Empowerment through Chakra Biohacking

I not only reclaimed my physical health but woke up from the level of deep delusionary spiritual sleep replete with all kinds of triggers, primarily by means of chakra biohacking and mental biohacking. It taught me that I was more than what I was conditioned to believe I was, and that I had the right to believe in me. 

"You are so much more than you think you are. You just need to believe it.”
~Sharath RK Teja

25 years ago I would have scoffed at anyone who claimed to know how to work with chakras to heal and transform, much less biohack them. But such is the state of hubris I had at being raised in a narrow-minded conservative Bible thumping culture that made zero room for other possibilities. Fast-forward to today and I’d say I’m a chakral bio-hacking ninja, fully equipped with laser crystal, rose quartz generator and a huge bottle of aura spray to finish off my ensemble.

How I found my personal power

How did I get blasted out of that old scene my karma had cast me in for the first part of my life? I suffered the path of waking up by getting sidetracked from a reasonably happy religiously devoted life, and redirected into an ultra focused self-healing journey. That led me to realizing the culture I was making my life all about, wasn’t all I thought it was.

I chakra bio-hacked my way back to health and wholeness, and this gave me, a cult survivor, a definite edge over other cult survivors. I not only reclaimed my physical health but woke up from the level of deep delusionary spiritual sleep replete with all kinds of triggers, primarily by means of chakra biohacking and mental biohacking. It taught me that I was more than what I was conditioned to believe I was, and that I had the right to believe in me. 

Now, I know all too well how crazy effective bio-hacking your chakras can be, only because it was the thing that gave me the strength to leave that cult and the humility to admit I had indeed been wrong and manipulated. You’d laugh seeing my old photos of me evangelizing and presuming to believe I knew how everything would go, from armageddon, to the new world. I still slightly cringe at remembering it. Though it seems like aeons ago. The thing is that biohacking my chakras and mental biohacking taught me that I was more than what I was conditioned to believe I was, and that I had the right to believe in myself. 

Awakening healing energy in my life

Biohacking the chakras helped me to wake up to the old narratives I had been holding as true for myself that really kept me limited, small, and away from connecting deeply with others. In the process of biohacking my chakras, I learned how to help others heal from all sorts of traumas and emotional wounds and chronic pain, which gave me a deep sense of relief given I had spent decades in a bible thumping mindset imposing those ideas on many people in an effort to “save” them. It made me feel like I was correcting for possibly traumatizing others with the evangelist message of doom and gloom.

So I turned to devoting my life to helping others to biohacking their physical and emotional wounds and an amazing thing happened (or began happening again since my psychic skills were engaged in my childhood and melted away as I aged). I began to relate not just to people, but with them, through their chakras. That may sound odd, but really we are all swimming in a sea of energy, and our auras are interpenetrating the auras of others in our physical proximity and in our arenas of consciousness.

I began to see the old trapped energies of neurological connections in the brain and how they were impacting the chakras leading to different behaviors and causing people to say unkind or nonsensical things. I began to see below the layers of the things that confused people or caused them to act out, become paralyzed or give up.  I could map how a certain negative program wound up imprinting itself on the neurological level by sensing into the chakras.

Today biohacking the chakras, to me, is the same thing as biohacking the brain, for the brain and the energy field are closely related. If you energetically biohack the chakras in charge of the brain, the excitation elicited in stress and alarm, become normalized and even. If I hadn’t learned this first hand and used the techniques to wake myself up, I likely would have ended up leaving the cult eventually but been laden with layers of anger, betrayal, self-doubt and insecurities that might have held me hostage from living out my soul’s destiny and life purpose. 

But my story isn’t likely all that unique, because I’ve observed, human woundedness is par for the course and no one escapes it. This is because, I believe it’s inherent to the process of soul evolution, which means our triggers are rich with spiritual gold when it comes to biohacking the consciousness around these stressful states.

So what’s your story? What triggers tend to get the better of you, that you can’t seem to unhinge yourself from? What triggers tend to get worked out in making less than healthy choices for yourself or cause you to believe less than life affirming things about yourself? If you could get below those layers what could you imagine for yourself, that you can’t imagine right now? 

If you’re going to use chakral biohacking it would be incomplete without the mental biohacking component, because energies are expressed in thoughts and words, mostly unspoken at the layer of the psyche or audio-digitally inside your head. Those thoughts and words have an impact on your chakras, so for the most transformative effect, I have discovered that teaching others how to mentally biohack the mind-stuff, has been instrumental in helping others make huge changes. 

Overcome energetic blocks and unlock abundance and success in your future!

I had one client who was resentful of his family name (due to past painful events), but was struggling to get his business off the ground. His resentment energy was causing the solar plexus chakra to be continually congested which prevented him from moving forward in making decisions in his work interests. He was riddled with self-doubt as a result of the indecision and it was a cycle that fed itself and would get him spiraling downward. Maybe you know the feeling. When we reached the part of his psyche holding resentment of his family name, after addressing the congestion in the solar plexus chakra, and unwound all of that, a very interesting thing happened. 3 weeks later he got a call from a friend who had a business idea that involved using the family name he had held resentment against, but since he no longer had the trigger he was able to move forward and follow through. Today he has a thriving business that’s growing progressively year by year and the cornerstone of it is his family name!  

Imagine if his trigger had not been cleared and instead of moving forward, he had pushed the opportunity away. He’d likely not have the amazing business that’s given his whole life new meaning. Have you ever had a trigger that cost you in some way shape or form because the impulse either made you retract or push away? This is exactly why I believe it’s so important to work with your triggers so you can stop missing out on the good the universe sends to you and so you can stop avoiding the things that you think are too dangerous, too hard or too scary.

If you’d like some help in mentally biohacking and to chakral biohack so you can get beneath your triggers I’m available via the Online Reader’s Portal for chakral readings and biohacking and you can follow me on instagram to get mental biohacking tips to use on your own. My newest offering is a free Mental BioHacking Masterclass you can attend by asking for the link at checkout from the online shop. Either way, I’m wishing you every good thing to help you activate, achieve & attain!

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