Sublime Lightness, Going with the Flow

By reaching out we remain forever open...non-resistance, going with the flow is our natural state—the flow. Here we miss nothing, are joyously and easily aligned with the breath of fresh air that carries us ‘aloft’.

“In any given moment we have two options: to step forward into growth or step back into safety.”

~Abraham Maslow, Daily Good Sept. 13  

Just the other morning there was a northwesterly wind that felt a little unusual at first and then quickly felt magical bringing with it a longing for something quite unidentifiable. The fact that nothing specific could be ascribed to this longing brought a sense of joy. The joy and longing lingered after the wind moved on. They were just there. And that brought peace. To know that feeling such joy needed no particular source within the world of form was liberating. Joy again. 

Something in our lives that shows up as out of the ordinary like a wind that blows from other than usual direction, can touch us on a level that is beyond the realm of body/mind experience. Non-ordinary experience encompasses a vast realm of possibility in which we wander guided by imagination, a voice, intuition, inspiration. This path we walk with honour, grace and a sublime sense of what shows up is a gift. 

The longer we find our selves following the unseen, delving into the unknown and excited by the journey the end of which we know not, the weaker becomes our grasp upon the world of form and all of its inherent conditioning. Slowly we slip out of our memories, leave addictions and attachments behind us and revel in the freedom of Being--

We leap with joy in the lightness of it all! Like children we skip hither and yon as we embrace this flower, this old woman, this zealous puppy, this state of chaos, this current pandemic—unaffected by notion of good or bad we reach out endlessly, taking it all in and just as quickly allowing it to pass through. As by a breeze I am moved but return to center as the breeze passes on. Everything here passes on.

By reaching out we remain forever open...non-resistance, going with the flow is our natural state—the flow. Here we miss nothing, are joyously and easily aligned with the breath of fresh air that carries us ‘aloft’. I am this breath that moves between the form and formlessness. Wuji qigong and really, every form of qigong has the capacity to align one with the space that is everywhere present. It is beyond form and it is form.  

In Qigong, the ancient practice of moving energy and being energy, we move within a form and yet when attuned to the subtlety of energy that we are, that everything is we know formlessness. 

“The Qigong he taught me was a sedentary one...The aim was to release form, to immerse oneself in the universal truth, in nothingness, in Wuji.”
~Author Garri Garripoli reflecting on his first Qigong teacher in Qigong: Essence of the Healing Dance

With Qigong there is the possibility of becoming attuned to subtle nuances of energy that are of the realm we discussed earlier, the non-ordinary. Attention is not focused on anything other than simply being movement and as everything is constantly moving, I am naturally one with that. Utterly natural, not holding or efforting. In fact in Qigong, Tai Chi or some martial arts practices (Aikido e.g.) there is the perception of action without effort. What better way to realize that all of life can be effortless when I am in alignment with the ever present flow and not so focused on ‘this individual’ and how it performs or not. There is the doing I think about and the doing that just happens.

There is a perfect balance achieved through inhabiting Qi space and perfect harmony experienced when the sense of I wanting to direct or control anything dissipates. Stillness and silence are experienced, listened to and heard. In Qi space there is this moment and in this moment all wounds do not exist. The body/mind heals. 

Astrology | New Moon in Libra | Chiron the Wounded Healer

We are always healing. Life’s journey is the continual healing of that which represents our limitations. 

Art credit: Kristen McKinzie @midnightmoonvisuals

For some this may be obvious at a young age while for others it may not become apparent until later in life. In astrological terms looking at Chiron in our charts, the wounded healer, will give us information about our individual healing journey and where our greatest gifts lie as we move through our process. 

In this New Moon (October 6 @ 4:05 a.m.--13 degrees Libra) chart Chiron is at 10 degrees Aries (I seek myself) in opposition to a Sun/Moon/Mars conjunction at 13 degrees Libra (I seek other). Also this conjunction in Libra is quincunx or inconjunct (150 degrees) Uranus at 13 degrees Taurus (I seek to survive). What does this mean for us and the few days surrounding the New Moon? 

We are at/have been at a point of no return for ‘awhile’. As we approach year’s end and the upcoming forward motion of three big planets in October (Jupiter, Saturn and *Pluto goes direct on the 6th) the need to ‘get with the program’ intensifies. Each New Moon has offered an opportunity to further disrobe and show up. This New Moon of October in Libra speaks of integrating subconscious need/desire with conscious expression in order to fully realize Self as entirety through the Libra characteristics of knowing perfect balance. 

The inclusion of Mars with the Sun/Moon is the fuel that motivates us to then act in accordance with what we know as the true source of peace, harmony and balance our favorite Libra terminology. Big brother Uranus guides in an unrelenting way firmly encouraging release of attachment to person, place or thing that is an impediment to greater awareness. And Chiron slowly moving through Aries teaches us that in order to realize Self one must attend to the various traumas and painful experiences we have had here en route to discovering that really there is no person in the first place for whom these experiences have gravity. 

As we reach out beyond our usual comfort zone it is recommended to develop a sense of trust in that which we do not know. As our belief systems unravel and we draw closer to having nothing to which we can attach, buoyancy is preferable to a sinking feeling that has roots in the past. Leave the past. Forget the future! Optimism and enthusiasm for the journey are found right here in this moment now! 

For our shot of all that is good we look to Jupiter in astrology and notice that on October 6th, still retrograde, it is at 22 degrees Aquarius and trining Mercury at 20 degrees Libra. Whata’ break! Our minds are being fed positivity and faith in what Aquarius represents—brother/sisterhood, community and that which lies on the evolutionary path. Aquarius/Uranus—revolution for evolution. 

Revolution for change the likes of which are symbolically portrayed in the Tower XVI card of the Tarot. The tower is struck by lightning and people fly out of windows in every direction. It is a good image to describe the effects of Uranus, the planet of electric energy. We will let go or be made to give up what doesn’t serve our progress!

This New Moon is a period for feeling one’s true essence; the entirety of that...Libra is perfect balance generated through harmony experienced of yin/yang—Libra seeks other—Libra ruled by Venus (yin) and here we also find Mars (yang). Mars in Libra takes much into consideration before it will act. Libra is the sign of fall for Mars as it’s energy is limited by needing first to seek balance. Provides one with time to move through areas of emotional wounding that have denied full access to Self and our ability to perceive entirety of Being. 

No matter where you find your self along the path there is almost always something to be healed, realized, integrated and brought into balance. Balance being ultimately the place of stillness where questions cease and all things flow to you without effort. From here we dance…

*Pluto in direct motion as of October 6, is like a locomotive pulling out of the station. It requires time before it is up to full steam and can then take advantage of previously laid groundwork. Transformation is the keyword and Pluto’s usual way of bringing that about includes destruction and elimination. As we all know sometimes it is necessary to tear down before building up. 

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