Reaching Out Further on Sunny Days

All of it will come and all of it will pass. Our wisdom is knowing this and showing up with as little resistance as possible. Bending in the storm and reaching out further on sunny days. 

“The Mystery is to think beyond what we can see.”
~Dr. Alemayehu Wassie, from the film "The Church Forests of Ethiopia"

What a gift that we feel nature in our bones; that we are nature through and through! The ocean waves returning to us is the rhythm that fills our cells. Light increasing with each sunrise and fading with each sunset calls us to witness the many miracles that are this life. All of which we naturally absorb without a thought. We know the importance of nature as it is us and we are it. Just as the churches of Ethiopia are in the forest and the forest is in it. All is sacred. 

When we reflect upon the sacred in everything a quiet overcomes us. It is the recognition of truth that is simple and it pacifies us. When we accept what life is and what life brings us we stand naturally here, as a tree perched upon a mountain top sometimes beaten by the wind, or the sun or covered in snow. All of it will come and all of it will pass. Our wisdom is knowing this and showing up with as little resistance as possible. Bending in the storm and reaching out further on sunny days. 

This time of year we are immersed in our five senses as we partake in all the smells, sights, sounds, tastes and feeling that go along with spring and nature’s many displays of birth, rebirth and growth. There is a vitality that ignites our passion for everything creative! We very naturally wish to move with the energy that moves everything. It is difficult to resist the urge  to be outdoors and ‘play’. This is a primal directive that reunites us with the deepest part of our selves. The Earth calls and we respond!

“To forget how to dig the earth and to tend the soil is to forget ourselves.”
~Mahatma Gandhi

Whether tending to the garden or hiking familiar trails our desire to feel the Earth is potent. At such times our thoughts become secondary as we indulge our selves in the inner reception of stimuli. Our natural/animal sense of knowing without thinking moves us. The feeling of liberation and the simplicity of following guidance that has nothing to do with thinking is enough to have us feeling ecstatic! 

“Our drive, our ruggedness, our unquenchable optimism and zeal and elan go back to the challenges of the untrammeled wilderness.”
~Harvey Broome, founding member of the Wilderness Society

New Moon in Taurus

This new moon resides in the Earth based sign of Taurus for which the five senses are very significant. Survival, safety, security rely upon these as well as the instinctive knowing that these senses serve. We naturally engage our instinctive knowing when it comes to successful living. Whether facing a wild predator or four lanes of oncoming traffic we engage these physical qualities automatically rather than taking time to think it out. 

When thinking diminishes we are clear to receive ‘messages’ from a much larger field of information. This is the home ground of spacious awareness. Everything communicates with us all the time. Our answers to many questions are ever-present, all around us. We need only ‘tune-in’, by-pass automatic thought patterns and open to what nature has to say. 

With this new moon in Taurus conjunct to Uranus the planet of evolution, eccentricity, breakthroughs, independence our attention is focused upon that which is familiar to us and that which no longer serves us about what is familiar. Uranus, being associated with community and brother/sisterhood urges us to choose what serves all of us. 

When we respect and tend kindly to Earth we respect and tend kindly to our selves. One and the same. As we come to a deeper and more profound knowing of this it will naturally put us in alignment with ease and grace of being. The potential for rising to greater heights of awareness is the design of this new moon dynamic. This is emphasized by the presence of Jupiter in the Taurus stellium (Sun, Moon, Uranus, Jupiter conjunction). Jupiter, the grand planet has an expansive quality and an energy that promotes growth and positivity. The Sabian symbol representing the degree of this new moon is ‘a new continent rising out of the ocean’. The power to change physical form. 

“When the mind has been emptied and light has been called upon to purify the consciousness freed from its attachment and contaminations, a new release of life can emerge out of the infinite Ocean of potentiality…”
~from Dane Rudhyar Sabian Symbols quoted on

With Neptune aspecting the Uranus/Jupiter conjunction (60 degrees called a sextile) our direction is guided by an inclination to explore and reach higher levels of spiritual knowing. The planet Neptune reigns over territory unknown. That is, that which exists beyond our world of phenomena. It is here that the impossible becomes possible and faith and trust in the unknown guides us to leaps and bounds in our pursuit of deeper truth. 

Deeper truth never strays from ‘nature’. 

"The goal of life is living in agreement with nature."
~Zeno, Greek philosopher 

Taurus, ruled by the goddess of love, Venus, with all of her earthly attachments, rose out of the ocean of the unconscious. A reminder perhaps that the journey here doesn’t stop at physical and material well-being. The potential for Venus is not only physical love but calling upon the resources from which she originated there is the potential for unconditional love. 

May we all embrace our deeper truth. 

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