Return to Sacred Union of the Self

For the New Moon in Pisces Kristine Marie shares a two-card reading, delving once again into the beautiful intricacies of the Transparent Tarot, seeing where it takes us as we explore themes of love, innocence, our inner child spirit, and sacred union (integration) of the self, and other.

The new moon is at home in her sign, Pisces, and how auspicious that the moon has appeared in this 2 card reading. I am working with The Transparent Tarot, by Emily Carding, because layering the clear cards allows for beautiful intricacies of meaning to emerge...

Last month we did a 1 card (really a 3 in 1 card) reading and this month I offer a 2 card reading (Really two 3-in-1 card readings. For placement, the first card sits upright/vertically in the middle and the second card is placed horizontally under the bottom card. This second card represents the support for the present moment of the 1stcard.

The first card that revealed itself for this reading is the 2 of cups – the card of human-to-human body-to-body heart to heart love – sacred union. And the card that offered its support for that union is the wheel of fortune –represented by the medicine wheel in the transparent tarot. This placement indicates that the relationship is being supported by destiny, was/is a fated relationship that is in perfect timing and was meant to happen exactly as it is unfolding. And the medicine wheel reminds us that healing supports this relationship, this coming together, this union of bodies, minds and hearts, it is a healing in itself.


In the second layer, the next level of interpretation, we find out more about the situation and what is supporting it.

The hanged man, as represented by the chrysalis in the transparent tarot deck, indicates that the couple is in the process of chrysalizing, transforming, and birthing something new together. Their cups of love come together just above the cocoon as they celebrate and cherish what it is they are bring about together.  

The hanged man is also about perfect timing –just as they put themselves up on that tree, they will bring themselves down and they will know when it is the right time to do that. In the same way the butterfly breaks free from the cocoon at just the perfect time into the perfect environment for its best chance at survival.


Beneath them, the moon centers itself in the middle of the medicine wheel, indicating that deep emotion is being healed and that the unconscious becoming conscious within that deep emotion is creating a healing and growth opportunity that is supporting the transformation and growth between the couple.

The moon also represents how we reflect each other so beautifully in relationship--Especially when we are able to integrate our relationship as spiritual path we realize that the other is simply reflecting our self. When we are frustrated and angry and feeling blocked by our partner, it is good to look at the blocks we are setting for ourselves. To be able to hold a view of the self simultaneously with our view of the other as mirror to ourselves is pivotal in healthy relationship and brings us to a higher degree of self awareness.


The next level of cards brings us to the final element of indication in this reading and shows us where specifically the healing is occurring in the relationship.


With the addition of the 4 of coins in the 1st card placement, we see that in this relationship what is being transformed and in the midst of its creation is a movement from selfishness to self-loving. The 4 of coins card indicates the need for healthy boundaries and self-loving choices. What was once selfishness is becoming self-loving.

When we love ourselves and set health boundaries we are then able to give love to others. It indicates the breaking free of the constriction of selfishness and the movement into self loving – when we make a choice that is truly self loving it is in the highest and best interest of ourselves and therefore in the highest and best interest of everyone involved –even if some of them don’t appreciate or even like the outcome.


And in support of this self-loving decision/action is the 6 of cups, positive childhood memories, integrated with the moon and the wheel of fortune. What is coming forward to assist and support us in making healthy decisions as love is transforming is what we knew to be true in our heart of hearts when we were children. That loving naiveté, that innocence and trust in the world – all of it is still true even though much of it may have been beaten out of us by the difficulties of life.

If we are able to remember what was most precious to us when were children, especially what we thought love and relationships should be in that innocence we can bring that in to support the loving innocence of each other in our current relationship. When we re-member ourselves we are able to re-member love and each other.


Thank you for joining me in this tarot reading journey –next month we will explore a 3-card reading.

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