Revelations on the Road

How long have I, you, we walked a particular path? How deep is the furrow? How dedicated have I been to traveling this same way? No matter where in the journey we are, we can ask these questions.

“Regardless of length, a bend in the road will always be revelatory. A straight path seldom holds any surprises. In other words efficiency and epiphany do not typically travel together..." 
~DG-7.24.23 Pavithra Mehta, author and film maker.

How long have I, you, we walked a particular path? How deep is the furrow? How dedicated have I been to travelling this same way? No matter where in the journey we are, we can ask these questions. We may burst away in places and enjoy the freedom of something new but often resume our course, the steady, familiar, comfortable way. 

Our habits are not something of which to be critical. Rather we can be mindful of these repetitive ways of moving through life noticing where I might be denying my self a wider and deeper experience. When life itself seems to have a hypnotizing effect, that lull into habitual repetition, the wave after wave of the same action and reaction that induces waking sleep, time for a change! 

In the tarot deck the fours suggest, to some degree, that we have reached a plateau that offers sanctuary but little advancement. We are rather stuck in same old, same old. Not much being accomplished. We are no longer challenging our selves to reach a little further; to stretch into the unknown. Without challenge the human being exists. The thrill of discovery vanished. 

It is not difficult to re-ignite our passion for exploration. As soon as we wake up in the morning we can make it an intention to notice any place that allows for a deeper look. When we are focused in this way we tend to spend less time diddling in the past and are present in the moment. As every moment has the potential for something new to be witnessed our day suddenly becomes excitement, not for any specific reason, just for the anticipation of the unknown! 

Look to the Sky

As we enter the last days of summer and bathe in the mid-night shadow of this new moon in Leo we are impelled to launch our boat, destination unknown. Time stands still and with it the common concerns that typically find us yearning for the something that evokes childhood. No matter the situation, with Leo presiding we can find the play, the magic and the creative energy with which we are all blessed. 

“Youth is in a grand flush, like the hot days of ending summer, and pleasant dreams thrall your spirit, like the smoky atmosphere that bathes the landscape of an August day.”
~Donald G. Mitchell, author 

In this new moon chart Uranus the planet of evolution and eccentricity figures prominently. The ‘lightbringer’ is in exact square (23 degrees) to the Sun/Moon and in a tight trine to Mars. As such we are destined during these days bracketing the Sun/Moon in Leo to step forward with the unusual, the unexpressed, the spontaneousness that means the non-ordinary. 

Leo shows up and likes to show off. Considering that Mars the planet of action and outgoing expression is in close trine with Uranus we are apt to want to apply our efforts toward the untried with finesse. Mars is in Virgo the earth sign that is capable of getting the job done precisely and more quickly than the average person. At this time of the new moon we may find through deeper research solutions that have eluded us. 

It is a great time to do the groundwork for new projects that will revolutionize human experience. This kind of service is what Virgo is dedicated to. And like the Hermit IX, a major arcana card in the Tarot, there is little personal agenda involved. Humble and sometimes shy, Virgo tends to remain in the background—quite the opposite to Leo!

As such this new moon requires us to attain balance in spite of contrary energies. 

We know that being centered personally in times of flux supports our efforts towards peace. With the influence of Uranus here we automatically attune to the collective for that is the domain of this outer planet. Aquarius, the sign Uranus rules, sits naturally at the 11th house where community and groups are the focus. The personal ego and our notion of an individual self by the11th house, are balanced, that we might consider what benefits the whole. Less self serving and more attention on the ‘big picture’. 

“ this not a strange predicament? This seeming and inescapable individuality?
The hard shell of ‘I’ that we live inside, like soft-bodied sea creatures.
When did we choose this?…”
~Pavithra Mehta, from her poem Strange Predicament

The beauty of these new moon days accompanied by a tinge of autumn in the air is the tendency for reflection that has the effect of enlightening us. Amidst the confusion and chaos is an overwhelming current of energy that drives us to find the balance, the peace and the harmony that is a new appearance for our kind. 

The energy is plentiful, moving quickly and carries us beyond limitations almost without effort. We continue to be brave and persistent. We know that the individual has less to do with this energy and more to ‘do’ with noticing where there may be resistance. Our thoughts create resistance. To this I have been a servant. Happily now I compel my thoughts to servitude and ‘I’ am free. Another timely nudge from Uranus to accomplish liberation!

Image credit: pavel_klimenko

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