The Dream We Carry Through the World

This is the dream we carry through the world
that something fantastic will happen
that it has to happen
that time will open by itself
that doors shall open by themselves
that the heart will find itself open
that mountain streams shall jump up
that the dream will open by itself
that we one early morning
will slip into a harbor that we
 have never known.
~Olav H. Hauge 1908-1994


We can call it a dream, to answer the ever present call that emanates from deep within, the place we identify as the heart. It can be like a dream to be there, touch that, hold that—the peace, the joy, the love. Because, like a dream, often fading as the day begins, the connection once made can seem temporary, fleeting. But like a dream that repeats itself so does this experience of knowing that what was thought to be the dream is actually the Reality. Eventually I wake up in a new landscape. 

We are all dreaming into a new Reality free of illusion and free to express creatively from the depths of the unknown. That which the mind cannot imagine is free of beliefs and conditioning. The uncluttered mind is the source of our ‘salvation’. We are witnessing the dismantling of the ancient machine and watching as what will replace it slowly rises from fertile ground. 

There is a natural willingness to shed our old skins and to continue to nurture the growth of what is sprouting all around us; to listen on many levels to what is being communicated to us continuously from every thing. When we listen accompanied by observation, it is evident that without the participation of the mind with it’s overwhelming tendency to control, analyze and define the natural unfolding of life happens with grace. In a manner of speaking grace is what ushers us from ignorance to re-birth. We ‘die’ to the old and awaken to Truth.

From the ashes we rise purified, more able to be here in such a way that we realize that simply Being is the gift and the light we are shows the way. In the tarot this would be demonstrated through Death XIII and the Hermit IX, both major arcana cards, they are archetypal energies that tell us of the collective journey and how to navigate and proceed on this path. Death is representative of the destruction of convention, the old ways and the dawning of a new day; the phoenix born from the ashes; transformation that occurs when we fully annihilate that which previously informed us in a limiting manner. 

Thirteen is a number unto itself, cannot be divided. It therefore represents an end in itself. It can be reduced to a four that gives us a strong form (the square) from which to proceed. We are not starting all over but have resources that give us strength and confidence.  

The Hermit is a wise old soul who exists as our mentor. Without need of recognition he/she is a silent guide who illuminates the path. As a number nine the Hermit represents service to humanity and that which is for the greater good. Nine is the highest level of attainment. At ten we return to one. The results of his presence touch the collective conscious and therefore accelerates the evolutionary journey we all are. The Hermit is the wisdom born of stillness sharing the light that we all recognize as pure essence; that which is the nature of every thing.

Death, transformation, the phoenix rising and the concurrent suffering of the natural world and all inhabitants are topics that can be associated with the fixed water sign Scorpio. Scorpio is a sign comprised of three levels, the only sign for which this occurs. The first level is the Scorpion representing the material plane. The second level is the Eagle that is involved with transcendence. The third level is the Dove and the peace that comes with self realization. The energy associated with the journey of these levels gives Scorpio an understanding of what motivates us and what lies deeply sequestered in our hearts.

If you are a Scorpio or have planets in Scorpio or a Scorpio signature in your chart, we are blessed with your presence now. Scorpio leads us into the darkest part of our selves, to discover the light and bring it forth. Scorpio, with laser vision pinpoints any limitation and does not hesitate to bring us face to face with our most vulnerable self. Although Scorpios can be shocking they also have the ability to soothe when appropriate. They inherently know that growth takes place with nurturing. Leaving someone in shock does little for their ability to resume course and excel. Scorpio is a born therapist. 

With this new moon in Scorpio accompanied by a solar eclipse (emphasizing the quality of time at this moment and highlighting our direction for the next three months), we may experience a fleeting dark night of the soul followed by a deep feeling of being cared for and nurtured. Along with this an increased sense of light and greater awareness. A short amount of time for some pretty profound processing. 

Thank goodness for the presence of Venus (conjunct to sun/moon) to soften it all right? Hmm, Venus in Scorpio tends to intensify feelings and desires. As such we may feel increased need to get what we want. We may feel it is a matter of life or death. Be aware therefore of whatever areas in your life are in need of attention as this time will surely emphasize any flaws. 

Wherever we are at, we go from there! Do or die. Bring it on! Scorpio can handle it and if you are Scorpionic by nature so can you. The rest will do their best to rise above these challenging few days and be courageous! All for one and one for all! 

When we look at the rest of the chart the challenges multiply. Pluto, ruler of Scorpio the planet of destruction, elimination and transformation makes a challenging aspect to Mercury (how we think and communicate) as well as the Sun/Moon/Venus conjunction. Pluto is demanding change here on the level of the ego (Sun), the instinctive/emotional (Moon) and the desire (Venus). The pressure is on!

We have our work cut out for us! Of course. Saturn, the work master, is again in hard aspect to Uranus the planet of revolution for evolution. The rising and awakening may feel like hard work when we are encouraged to reflect upon attachments and our glorification of the material world. We should be rejoicing! How auspicious to rid our selves further of dross, ready to greet a new year with our shining presence. Amen! And to bear in mind that we are never confronted with what we can not handle. Reach within, pull out the stops and go with the flow. No suffering shall ensue. 


As we head into the final moments of 2022 we might take a moment to reflect upon the values and intentions that guide us into 2023. Let the mind know that what pours forth from the heart is to be honoured, celebrated and listened to. That at the core of being, deep in the heart, is the connection to everything. This connection to everything showers us with so much information, much of it very subtle, that the mind is temporarily silenced. We become a clear vessel to receive from source all the information we need here. It doesn’t require us to think--just to be an open vessel. As open vessels we hold the key to the incredible richness of being here.

“The whispered hush of the uncut grasses at dawn, the plaintive moan of trunks rubbing against one another in the deep woods, or the laughter of birch leaves as the wind gusts through their branches all bear a thicket of many-layered meanings for those who listen carefully.”
~David Abram Becoming Animal: An Earthly Cosmology

Just listening how much more simple could it be? When we turn our ear to the wealth of life we sense the same within and know there is nothing missing in us. We only need to tune in and breathe it out.

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