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Saturn into Pisces March 8 is contradiction. Saturn is the taskmaster. Pisces is without definition. How do we reconcile these divergent energies? In Pisces Saturn offers us oars that move us with a sense of responsibility in otherwise vacuous space. We are guided by maturity, a sense of support under our wings as we learn to fly; the nestling gaining courage before taking the great leap of faith...

“Try to realize you are a divine traveler. You are here for only a little while, then depart for a dissimilar but fascinating world. Do not limit your thought to one brief life and one small earth. Remember the vastness of spirit that dwells within you.” 
~from Sayings of Paramahansa Yogananda

As always the combination of planets and aspects at this new moon meet us exactly where we are. No one truth can be applied to every individual unless we go under/through/beyond appearance. If we do, we see that all of us, regardless of our starting point, move with the same ‘grace of divine essence’. As we dispose of antiquated beliefs and conditioning we are exposed to the unseen Truth that guides us always. In this case, we realize that no matter what I think, I am pushed/pulled into the ever present Reality that eventually extinguishes the ‘I’. 

“And so you can live naturally as who you are in the world, more in touch with your individual purpose, your contribution to the ecosystem of all being. You may not be able to articulate it, you may not understand it, but something deep within you completely trusts that movement is guiding you and guiding everything all of the time, because now you’re in sync with it.”
~Jon Bernie, Awakin’.org 01.30.2023

Our initial taste of freedom, accompanied by feelings of bliss deepen the desire for knowing the ineffable permanently. With new moon at 1 degree Pisces we have an opportunity to embrace the unseen, eternal and infinite presence exactly from right here in this moment. Pisces is the last sign in our journey. It precedes Spring; encompasses all the unseen activity that occurs prior to the eruption of life that happens in March. We are still incubating our intention. And in those anticipatory moments before dawn is boundless potential. 

The energy is explosive. The excitement we feel daily is for that which is change, moving us, out of the old conditioning into greater clarity and awareness. It is the excitement of knowing and not knowing simultaneously.

The PF new moon 02.19.2023 1 deg. Pisces

As a mutable sign, a water sign, Pisces is well acquainted with going with the flow. Pisces knows no other way. We can be sure that whatever we desire on a deep level that contributes to a more authentic expression of Self will arise at this time. No matter which area of life we are most attuned to now we will experience an expanded sense of freedom to explore and express that which fulfills us in ways that we may not have experienced yet. 

“Pisces, as the last sign of the zodiac, is associated with the theme of letting go, as a precondition for new beginnings. Since both Saturn and Pluto will change signs in a few weeks, the theme of letting go and transition is emphasized on other levels as well.”
~www.astro.com February Quality of Time

Saturn into Pisces March 8 is contradiction. Saturn prompts us to get our ‘ducks in a row’ before we meet the challenges of the outer planets. Saturn is the taskmaster. Pisces is without definition. There is no task. There are no limitations. 

How do we reconcile these divergent energies? In Pisces Saturn offers us oars that move us with a sense of responsibility in otherwise vacuous space. We are guided by maturity, a sense of support under our wings as we learn to fly; the nestling gaining courage before taking the great leap of faith. 

Soon after Saturn’s entry into Pisces and a 2 ½ year stay there, Pluto moves into Aquarius March 23. This is a big deal! We have witnessed the destructuring of all areas of life with Pluto’s stay in Capricorn and true to Pluto’s regenerative nature we will see Pluto in Aquarius as the rise of a more humanitarian direction. The collective before the individual. 

This has a number of positive manifestations. And perhaps a few that will take some getting used to. Pluto’s destructive power leads us only forward. The option of remaining ‘as is’ does not exist. This is why moving deeper into our true nature that is always, regardless of what appears to be transpiring around us, is supremely beneficial. (more about Pluto in Aquarius when we discuss the new moon in March at 0 degrees Aries, one day after the spring equinox)

Just a few hours prior to the exact conjunction of Sun/Moon at 1 degree Pisces the moon will conjunct Saturn at 28 degrees Aquarius. Aquarius reminds us always to consider the big picture. The moon as the emotional self, the instinctive self now takes responsibility for more than the individual self. There is an unconditional acceptance for all beings that is compassionate and kind. This is merely emphasized as the moon moves into Pisces. Aquarius holds the vision whilst Pisces disseminates that vision. 

This new moon encourages a return to the human calling to share what pours forth from our hearts. To experience the profound gift of openly sharing what comes from our hearts.

“Maybe the purpose of being here, wherever we are, is to increase the durability and occasions of love among and between peoples.”
~June Jordan DG 2.14.23

In Zen practice Zen mind is what one wishes to cultivate. The Zen mind or beginners mind is open and without judgment. The mind is empty of dualistic thoughts and therefore naturally attuned to the compassionate, unconditional wave that without conditioning moves all of us all the time. This new moon in boundless Pisces gives us glimpses or for some, an entire panoramic view of this vista. 

“For Zen students the most important thing is not to be dualistic. Our “original mind” includes everything within itself...When we have no thought of achievement, no thought of self, we are true beginners. Then we can really learn something. The beginner’s mind is the mind of compassion. When our mind is compassionate, it is boundless.”
~Shunryu Suzuki, Zen Mind, Beginners Mind

Another feature of this new moon chart that is focused on a more mature expression is the asteroid Pallas Athena in Cancer. Pallas Athena is all about the goddess who stepped put of her father’s brow an armour clad adult. As such she has been associated with independence, wisdom and protection. With Pallas in Cancer “there is no problem than can’t be solved with empathy.” ~astromajesty.com. Peace is foremost on the agenda and protection for those who find themselves in compromising situations. Healing the wounded is also a priority the benefit of which is the healed becoming healers. 

At this new moon what we come away with is, quite organically, a deeper awareness of human capacity for caring and giving in selfless ways that is our natural mode of expression. This freedom to express what is inherent to us gives us joy and a sense of ‘unity’ rather than the separative notion that creates suffering. This new moon is an exceptional blessing in alignment with our deepest desires and a time to fully indulge our selves in the eternal and infinite flow. 

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