Transmission: When Communication Becomes Communion

“Transmission is the moment when communication becomes communion and information opens into the possibility of transformation.”
~Forward to Roaring Silence*, Traktung Rinpoche Dorje

Transmission is ongoing from morning ‘til night. Every moment, every day. Transmission can be felt  in a moment of stillness when the body/mind comes to rest. Transmission occurs between enlightened master and student when for example, words cease. This is a moment when the real part of us is recognized. Words drift off and silence rides a wave that washes over our hearts and obliterates thoughts. 

Any moment in which we stop, without any agenda, we may notice awareness. We notice in the stillness an all pervasiveness. Somehow we know this is not generated by the mind. This is prior to mind. The mind is hushed by the unfathomableness of this. We know and yet we do not. We have received the transmission, the frequency that ‘tunes’ us to what is beyond our apparent reality. Our apparent reality is a conditioned response to what occurs in our lives. We are therefore bound by a set of actions and reactions rather than having the freedom to simply experience. Great joy is knowing the freedom of an unconditioned existence. 

“Joy knows itself. As children we didn’t even know the word joy, we were joy.”
~Francis Lucille, The Perfume of Silence

New Moon 29º 50' Aries | April 19, 2023 9:13 p.m PT

These 30 days, from the new moon in March until this new moon in April has been a time of accentuated adjustment.  The new moon in March was at 0 degrees Aries, the beginning, and the April New Moon is at 29 degrees Aries, the ending. During the alpha and omega of the sign of the warrior we have been called upon to venture into new territory, to successfully navigate new ways of relating to life in all of its facets. Fortunately Aries is adept at this very task. 

In this short time the warrior has assessed any limitations to progress (the progress being designed for our ultimate well-being) and has continued on with determination and resolve. There is no giving in or giving up! Abiding with resistance is intolerable. It causes stasis that creates a most uncomfortable tension within. 

In March, Pluto, the ultimate destructive force, the precursor for re-building and transformation, was in a workable sextile to the Sun/Moon; a nudge to let go and move on. With Neptune conjunct the Sun/Moon, we were encouraged to dream beyond what is our familiar. In April, Pluto forms an out of sign square to Sun/Moon. We cannot ignore this combination of energy that annihilates in order to see our dreams realized. This New moon, Jupiter is conjunct Sun/Moon—bigger, more courageous, more daring, stronger. Rising of the impenetrable Self. The Self that is beyond question and remains even when all else is swept away. Aries is ‘I seek Self’. 

We can, if inclined, take a last look at our current landscape knowing that we soon are relieved of this perspective--the lowlands, the ruins produced by old social, religious, cultural conditioning. From the same ground we gain a new perspective.

“There is no freedom at the level of the body-mind. There is absolute freedom at the level of consciousness. That which is perceived is not free. That which perceives is freedom itself.”
~Francis Lucille,  The Perfume of Silence

Even million year old footprints are washed away by the ferocity of the oceans as they erode the land upon which we exist. In Happisburgh, Norfolk, UK such footprints were recently discovered by a scientist from the British Museum, only to be lost to the encroaching sea a couple of weeks later.

As a result of the shifting landscape so much is being uncovered now that has lain hidden for millennia. We are seeing the beginnings even as we are observing the endings. Like the Alpha and the Omega, quotation marks around an empty sentence, between the beginning and the end has there been anything real? 

“I am without beginning or end but all things begin and end in Me.”
~Rupert Spira, A Meditation on I Am

If we feel into this question, and observe the impermanent nature of all things we know, does it not give us greater verve as we can continually create on an empty canvas? All things that precede anything have no reality including what I want to create now. It will all cease to exist at some point. It is not about the creation however but about what I want. I build this life based upon what I want. When the wanting has finally been satisfied (perhaps not in this lifetime) my direction becomes focused upon the very simple, peaceful being—a selfless being. 

These two new moons at 0 degrees and 29 degrees are quotation marks around everything and nothing.

Everything that has been experienced during these 30 days across the globe contains all of the elements that have ever occurred. This can all be wiped away by a strong gust or a powerful wave. The quotation marks left hanging in the air, empty of meaning.

The 29th degree in astrology is called the anaretic degree. It is considered to be the point of karmic completion. It refers to ‘old souls’ and represents the ending of a cycle and is considered the degree of ‘faith’. Overcoming obstacles is an endeavor that we now realize happens based on our knowing rather than thinking. We are released from having to figure it out. With the 29th degree we have the gift of self-reflection that aids us in attaining higher awareness.

Bearing this in mind we can see what a powerful time we are in; to rely upon our vision, intuitive knowing and the empowering force that drives and motivates us all. Aries the Warrior as divine spirit leads us on a journey to conscious communion having transcended the limitations we experience due to  adherence to a phenomenal perspective. The vista is wide open now for further exploration.

“Enlightenment is nothing more than the complete absence of resistance to what is. End of story.”
~Adyashanti, Emptiness Dancing

*Roaring Silence, Discovering the Mind of Dzogchen by Ngakpa Chogyam and Khandro Dechen

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