Kristine Marie

Transformative Tarot Card Readings | Kristine's readings are interactive. Together you will enter into a conversation, ignited by the cards that show up for your questions, and empowered with her (and your) intuition, insight and guidance about what they bring up for you; the past, present, and future. She has great depth of passion, love, and curiosity for Mythology, Astrology, Storytelling, Human Development, Jungian Psychology, Dreamwork and World Travel, and with these, aims to provide insightful, powerfully transformative tarot readings...

March 12, 2023
The Magic of Threes | Three Layer Tarot Spread with the Transparent Tarot!
Building on what we learned in her past two readings, Kristine Marie delves into the beautiful intricacies of the Transparent Tarot, and the possibilities of layering multiple cards and seeing how they interact to create meaning...
Kristine Marie
February 8, 2023
Return to Sacred Union of the Self
For the New Moon in Pisces Kristine Marie shares a two-card reading, delving once again into the beautiful intricacies of the Transparent Tarot, seeing where it takes us as we explore themes of love, innocence, our inner child spirit, and sacred union (integration) of the self, and other.
Kristine Marie
January 10, 2023
One in Three, Three in One | A Threefold Tarot Spread
Celebrate a threefold beginning with a three-card reading at the start of the year. Kristine Marie delves into the beautiful intricacies of the Transparent Tarot, and the possibilities of layering multiple cards and seeing how they interact to create meaning...
Kristine Marie
November 10, 2022
How to Read Tarot – FInding Your Deck
Happy Sagittarius New Moon dear ones! This 2nd month of the How to Read Tarot explores how to find your tarot deck, the deck you work with or the deck that works with you.
Kristine Marie
September 20, 2022
How to Read Tarot – Preparing the Space
The ritual of setting up my reading space prepares me, and the space, for the reading. What is most important is that it feels right. What colors support you? Which fabrics feel right? What stones are you attracted to?
Kristine Marie
June 19, 2022
Getting Comfortable with Change | When the High Priestess Becomes the Charioteer
“Though forced to be on the go, the High Priestess is comfortable as the Charioteer. The Chariot itself raises her up, protects her and carries her forward without effort.” ~Georgianna -
Kristine Marie
April 20, 2022
Personal Power, Wholeness, and the New Moon Eclipse in Taurus
People are anchors of light, connecting the cosmic to the earthly. This eclipse represents an embodied experience of completeness and a return to our natural power. Instead of seeking fulfillment from outside ourselves, we affirm the mystical inner marriage of body and spirit, that is at the center of our being.
Kristine Marie
March 23, 2022
Reveal, Release, and Heal with the New Moon, Mercury & Chiron in Aries
Ring the bells that still can ring...Forget your perfect offering...There is a crack, a crack in everything...That's how the light gets in. ~ Leonard Cohen
Kristine Marie
February 16, 2022
Dive into the Tarot for Meaning, Solace, and Purpose | Full Moon in Pisces, March 2022
“The Moon in Pisces, or High Priestess dressed as the Moon, is a time of increased perception…Be still, aware and fearless. It might be dark outside, but if there was ever a time you can navigate the unknown, this is it. Listen, breathe, flow.”
Kristine Marie
January 16, 2022
The Magic of Releasing Old Patterns
With this new moon in Aquarius that also marks the start of the Chinese New Year of the Tiger, I feel inspired to take my tiger by the tail and do the shadow work this situation is offering to me. With Saturn sidling up to the new moon in Aquarius, I appear to be receiving the planetary energetic support to really take it up!
Kristine Marie
December 15, 2021
Deep Transformation Through Love in 2022 
What patterns am I being invited to let go by this teacher named cancer? The possibility of critical illness brings the preciousness of life and the importance of love into focus. I feel vulnerable and mortal and also incredibly grateful for the support and connection of friends and community surrounding me. And everything is looking just a bit more beautiful...
Kristine Marie
November 24, 2021
Anchoring Love and Light with the Great Attractor
In this moment its as if the magician (mercury) is weaving all the elements together as the catalyst of the great attractor magnifies the deep intuition and knowing of the high priestess (moon) charged and illuminated by the sun in the dance of the eclipse. And in the midst of that eclipse, with one foot anchored in the material world and one foot in the deep watery emotional unconscious, the angel of Temperance (representing Sagittarius) is continually alchemizing and pouring the healing balancing waters of unconditional love from one chalice another, continually integrating light into dark and dark into light.
Kristine Marie
October 28, 2021
Put Your Lights On! - New Moon, Sun & Mars in Scorpio
Leading up to this Scorpio season and the new moon, I’ve been deeply engaged with shadow; shadow in my family line/ancestry, personal shadow, professional shadow and cultural shadow. 
Kristine Marie
September 24, 2021
Illuminate Your Relationship with Others and Yourself | New Moon & Mars in Libra, Venus In Scorpio
‍"In Scorpio, Venus shines her golden gleam into the dimmest parts of us, sees our lost beauty, and loves our pain. Venus in the sign of the Scorpion gazes into the gray mist, and spies our own preciousness, our radiant self."~Joy Vernon
Kristine Marie
August 31, 2021
Right Here, Right Now
Virgo (The Hermit) New Moon - Trines Uranus (The Fool) in Taurus (Hierophant) & Mercury (the Magician) in Libra (Justice)
Kristine Marie
August 6, 2021
Birthing Ourselves into the Light
New Moon in Leo (Strength) with Chiron (Hanged Man) in Aries, & Venus (Empress) in Virgo
Kristine Marie
July 6, 2021
Dancing with the Chariot, the Sun and the New Moon in Cancer
Relationship to self mixes and flows with relationship to other so that we are able to creatively dance with life and bring our whole selves forward. 
Kristine Marie
April 6, 2021
A New Chapter Begins!
The Aries (The Emperor) New Moon (The Fool) Gets Support from Jupiter (Wheel of Fortune): Let Go of the Old and Begin Again with Enthusiasm!
Kristine Marie
March 8, 2021
The Empress (Venus) & the Hanged Man (Neptune) Gather with the New Moon in Pisces 
Pisces season is perhaps the most difficult of them all, yet it never fails to be deeply cathartic. Pisces represents all that we ignore, deny, or suppress...
Kristine Marie
February 7, 2021
The Chariot and Temperance – Revolution: Move Forward Balancing Love
As the Charioteer, steers his chariot with the Hanab Ku (Mayan Butterfly/Galactic Center), harnessing to shadow and light for momentum, we are all being asked to integrate our shadows, take full responsibly for the realities we’re creating and anchor our light more fully in the world with us.
Kristine Marie